Stick vs Roll On: Which Natural Deodorant Is Right For You?

Stick vs Roll On: Which Natural Deodorant Is Right For You?

Finding the perfect natural deodorant is a personal journey with many pitfalls (lol, get it?), and if you’re feeling like you need a refresh or are simply curious about the available options we’re here to help! If you haven’t already made the switch to aluminium-free natural deodorant, we have a whole other blog post on the 5 Reasons You Should Care About Your Armpits and after that, you’ll surely be ready to convert. The most important distinction to start with is whether you’ll enjoy a Roll On Deodorant versus a Solid Deodorant Stick

We just recently released our brand new 100% Plastic-Free Deodorant Sticks but we are still big fans of our original Natural Fresh Cream Roll On Deodorants, so we’re super excited to talk all about this. Let's dive into the details to help you choose the best fit for your pits. 


Deodorant Ingredient Chat - What’s going under your arms?

Female model applies MooGoo Roll On Deodorant to underarm

Just like the rest of the skincare and beauty world, there are a lot of deodorants that contain cheap and nasty ingredients. Seeing as your underarms have some of the most sensitive and delicate skin on your body we weren’t too happy about that. Both of our natural deodorant formulations use natural and sensitive skin-friendly ingredients, with a few differences:

Fresh Cream Roll On: Formulated on a base of Milk of Magnesia (Magnesium Hydroxide) which neutralises odour-causing bacteria. All of the Fresh Cream Roll On Deodorants except for the Oats and Honey scent are also completely vegan! 

Deodorant Stick: Our new Plastic Free Deodorant Sticks are a solid deodorant made from naturally nourishing oils like Sweet Almond & Jojoba along with Beeswax. They use both Magnesium Hydroxide and Magnesium Carbonate to keep odour at bay. They are also completely free from Bi-Carb Soda unlike a lot of the others out there! This means sensitive-skinned people shouldn’t feel that burn or get that armpit rash commonly caused by this ingredient. Win!


Application and Texture Preferences

MooGoo Skincare Solid Deodorant Sticks with no lids

Let’s be real, this will probably be what most of your decision is based on. You’ll be using a deodorant every day so the way it feels on your skin is super important. 

Fresh Cream Roll-On: The roll-on deodorant formula is gentle and creamy, with a smooth and easy glide. It ensures an even coverage without any sticky residue. It's perfect for those who appreciate the traditional feel of a roll-on.

Deodorant Stick: If you prefer a more tactile application with a drier feel throughout the day, the Deodorant Sticks rub directly on as a thin pasty balm that dries down quickly. The smooth texture leaves you feeling confident and comfortable throughout the day.


Protection Level

Another key decision-maker! Both our natural deodorant formulas are effective at minimising armpit odour, but there are some considerations to make:

Fresh Cream Roll On: Designed to keep you feeling fresh all day long, the Fresh Cream Roll On Deodorant offers reliable protection against unwanted odors. Its gentle formula is ideal for everyday use and suits those with a lighter activity level.

Deodorant Sticks: Our Solid Deodorant Sticks provide enhanced, long-lasting protection against odor-causing bacteria for those with a more active lifestyle. Stay confidently fresh from morning to night, whether you're hitting the gym, working hard, or enjoying an outdoor adventure.


MooGoo Skincare Plastic Free Solid Deodorant Stick

Our Roll On Deodorants are 100% recyclable, but due to it being a liquid formula we still have to use some plastic to make sure it’s safe for you to use! When developing our Deodorant Sticks though, we were over the MOO-n for the opportunity to create packaging without any plastic at all!

So if you’re taking environmentally friendly living to the next level you’ll love these as an alternative. We use sturdy cardboard to create a push-up style tube which holds our solid deodorant stick perfectly! No messy tubs that require your hands to double dip in, simply push some of the stick up and apply directly to your underarm area. 


We hope that helped you narrow down your decision! If you have any other questions you can always contact one of our friendly herd members to chat further. 

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