Q&A with Balanced Ballerina on becoming a first-time Mum + her skin journey!

Q&A with Balanced Ballerina on becoming a first-time Mum + her skin journey!

We sat down with one of our stunning MooGoo ambassadors and real-life ballerina Georgia Dostal, also known as @thebalancedballerina on Instagram. Georgia is a ballerina turned ballet teacher who has highly sensitive skin and has a special love for MooGoo. Join us as we chat through her skin journey, becoming a first-time mum, her top picks for putting her best face forward, and more 


The Balanced Ballerina

First off, tell us a bit about your skin journey and how you discovered MooGoo?

I’ve always suffered from severe eczema and sensitive skin for as long as I can remember! A few years ago I visited a skin specialist and he had two recommendations. The first was to eliminate a few of the foods I was eating and the second was to use MooGoo products! Since incorporating MooGoo into almost every step of my skincare routine (hair, face, body!) I’ve seen a drastic shift to clearer and less irritable skin.



The Balanced Ballerina

You’ve recently given birth to your gorgeous son! How has motherhood impacted your awareness around the ingredients in products you use?

Because MooGoo is already a no brainer in our household, there was no question about what products we would be using on Beau’s skin. It’s so important that I trust the ingredients in products being applied to his delicate little skin. As a newborn we’re currently using the Natural 2-in-1 Bubbly Wash, Nappy Balm and Natural Fast Absorbing Lotion for a bit of baby massage after bath time! Motherhood has also drastically cut the amount of time I can spend on skin care and getting ready in the morning. Because MooGoo products are full of natural ingredients and don’t irritate my skin, I feel confident leaving the house with little or no makeup - which I never did before using MooGoo products.


MooGoo has expanded a lot since we started, now including an extensive Face range formulated with targeted active ingredients. As someone with really sensitive skin, what do you appreciate most about this? Have other face products irritated you in the past?

When I first began using MooGoo (years ago!) the range was nowhere near as extensive as it is today. I was so excited to replace my previous cleanser, serum and moisturiser exclusively with MooGoo products. Previous products would work for a little while and then slowly begin irritating my skin over time. I don’t have this issue since exclusively using MooGoo for the past several years! 


The Balanced Ballerina

Your top AM & PM picks to cleanse, boost, and moisturise with?

Especially since becoming a Mum, I have a very simple skincare routine! In fact, my AM and PM look exactly the same starting with the Natural Ultra Gentle Cleanser (which I use in the shower for efficiency), followed by the Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Fruit Oil which I let absorb for about 10 minutes whilst applying the Fast Hydrating Moisturiser on my body. I finish with my go-to, the Hydrating Renewal Cream on my face. Simple, effective and keeps my skin hydrated all day! My previous routine using other products resulted in flaky, dry skin by the end of the day.


Fast Hydrating Lotion

If you were ever stranded on a desert island and could only bring one MooGoo product, what would it be?

Oh, what a great question! I would have to say the Fast Hydrating Moisturiser because I can’t stand dry skin. And if I had to pick ONE product at least I could use this on my entire body - including my face because MooGoo only use natural ingredients!



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