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We work very hard, so it's a huge motivation boost when customers who we never get to meet in person take the time to message us via email or Facebook. Thank you!

We have uploaded some of them here. 

Due to the rules regarding Therapeutic Products, we sometimes need to hide parts of people's comments. All of our products are designed to keep the skin or scalp moist, supple and using high quality, natural ingredients. Some are for the symptomatic relief of skin problems such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Cradle Cap etc. We are proud that they have worked for many people, but everyone's skin is different. What works for one person may not work for another.

The emails below may help you decide if our products are something you would like to try. For all skin problems, your doctor is the best source of information and lots of our customers find blogs and forums informative too.

If you have a story to share, email info@moogoo.com.au, tag us on Instagram, leave a review on Facebook, or call us.

Thanks to everyone who has written, it's a great way to start the day when someone writes. 

 To Whom it may concern,

I thought it was about time I wrote you a fan letter.  We were first introduced to your products 4 years ago when our daughter was born.  A friend sent us a baby care parcel of a few of your products.  After reading your website thoroughly we started using them for our baby.  4 years later we now use your products exclusively for the whole family.  We love all of them.  We especially love your full cream, which is used for everything!

Lately we discovered your scalp cream which we used on our new baby's cradle cap! The most magical product though is your skin milk udder cream.  Having suffered with unbearably itchy skin on my belly in my recent pregnancy I was reading everything I could find for solutions for this problem when ordinary moisturising wasn't doing anything to help.

Mothers have written in to mothers groups and forums all over the internet bemoaning the fact nothing was truly effective for this condition (and it truly is unbearable).  Thinking that I might just give myself some temporary relief from symptoms I ordered and started using your skin milk udder cream.

But it cleared the problem up in a few days!  It felt absolutely miraculous at the time.  Since then I have been recommending it to mum friends (and complete strangers in mothers groups I am a member of) for this problem.

You should really market this cream as a possible solution to this problem.


 Hi MooGoo

Thank you for the opportunity to try your Brightening Cream. I can't wait to receive it. I have used your Full Cream Moisturiser, Body Wash and Shampoo exclusively on my son since he was 6 months old (he is now 4.5). He has a genetic dry skin condition which leaves his skin incredibly dry and scaly. No one realises he has this condition thanks to your products. He always gets compliments on his lovely skin and the way he smells! I recommend it to all my friends with babies and children. Kind regards, Angelica x

Angelica, QLD

Hi MooGoo

I messaged your Facebook page and was told to email you. I'd love to write a testimonial for you guys! Your products have helped me so much I want to do something to give back and help other people and promote your products any way I can! Please feel free to use this! Your products & your service have been an absolute blessing! I recommend them to anyone that has skin issues or asks about my skin & how I fixed it. Can't thank you enough! I have extremely sensitive skin. I finally came across your products a year ago and my skin has never looked better! I was blown away by the wonderful service I received when I called up asking for samples, and after trying the samples I was blown away by the products too! The MSM soothing cream is the only thing that seems to help my flare ups. The acne cleansing cream has also helped cleanse my skin. The results speak for themselves! Please see photo attached! I was blown away by the difference too!. Incredible! MooGoo products have completely changed my life! I use the MooGoo milk body wash, acne cleansing cream, MSM soothing cream, Strawberry tinted lip balm & fresh cream deodorant! I always get compliments on how amazing my skin looks, no one would ever know I suffered from these skin conditions! I love everything about your company! When you have a skin condition or any health condition, especially something on your face that everyone can see, it affects the quality of your life, but now thanks to MooGoo I can keep it under control and I couldn't be happier! Thank you!

Tess, SA.

To all you guys at MooGoo...

I really must take this time to email to say thank you so very much! Please let me explain why.

I have an immune system that overreacts to anything and everything, including water at times, depending on how evil it's feeling, and if it's not doing that, it's attacking my body on the inside, so I try my very best to eat healthy fresh food, and keep everything as natural as possible, however at 46, I've never been able to find any soaps, cleansers or even moisturisers that agree with me, I'm either left with dry, sore skin, over oily skin or hives and even abscesses, and I've spent a small fortune in the process.

Anyway, it took my husband to have a bad reaction to a supposed 'natural' soap that I bought from a well known and expensive soap shop to put me on a very determined super search, I was so upset that my husband had suffered because of my problems!

So, I was awaiting an order from Nelsons pharmacy, when they popped one of your leaflets in with my order, we bought some soap, milk wash, shampoo, conditioner & moisturiser - you guys, in less than a week my Husband is all cleared up, and I've not had one single problem using moogoo products, my skin has never felt so goid in 46 years!!! I will be recommending moogoo to anyone and everyone I can, and in fact I'm going to let my doctors know.

I feel nothing but heartfelt thanks, I'm astounded & delighted!

Thank you so much, moogoo is my saviour!

Jill & Gavin (Yorkshire)

Hi MooGoo

I have been using MooGoo Skin Milk for about 18 months now and have been very happy with it. I have just come home with some of the Anti-Ageing Face cream and put some on and just loved it so much I had to let someone know so thought I would drop you an email. It is so light, has a nice scent and feels great.

Keep up the good work.

Sallie, Australia

I just recently discovered MooGoo, after a long time of just suspiciously looking at the products on the shelf in the pharmacies.

In hindsight, I don't know what held me back because the benefits and the feel of my skin have never been better even though I'm struggling with the odd breakout and stress related impurities.

Every person I mentioned it to, has come back with the same results. Affordable, natural and effective skin care - a no-brainer really!

If you're ever looking for test persons outside of Australia, let me know, I'd be more than happy to help out :)

Kindest regards from Ireland,
Sam, Ireland

Hi all at Moogoo,

I would like to say a very big THANK YOU, for the lovely surprise gift you sent me. The enclosed note was so thoughtful, thank you again.

Though I love the gift and all the wonderful surprise extras I get in my orders I would like you to know that I will continue to order MooGoo because IT WORKS, in every way.

I think EVERY aspect of your company is fantastic - the products are natural, you use great base ingredients, your company is Australian grown, owned and made, you don't test on animals (a huge biggy for me) and for every dealing I ever had with all the MooGooers you are genuine wonderful people.

I recommend all your products to family and friends (so much so, they think I must be secretly working for you with all my moogoo chatter), I buy your products for gifts to said friends and last but not least my bathroom is filled with your products..... AND with the Dusty Girls products I now have a whole new list of products to tell my family and friends about (yah!).

I can't fault a single product, though I know not everything works for everyone I'm so happy that in my case I have had nothing but success with all your products.

I have tried (what I thought was good) shampoos and conditioners made from decent "natural" products but it generally takes 2 weeks of using it for my scalp to become itchy, painful or feel like it's burning for me to get rid of it and this had happened a number of times. I've been using your shampoo & conditioner for over a year now without issue, tho I'm not surprised. My cousins daughter has very sensitive skin, so much so that since she was little she's been on and off medication, her [edited] recommended  your shampoo & conditioner and she has been using it since and hasn't had a problem.

I take all your product on my travels as when I'm away due to the change in my routine and diet my skin can flare up (I often get rashes, little red spots/bumps, pimples and such things). My last two trips of which moogoo has kept me company have been almost rash free. Though I know that a change in my diet will generally leave me showing some signs, I was so happy at how well I did travel and that even tho I knew your products would help I was so pleased at how much of a difference they did make, it was fantastic.

Lastly feel free to use any of my email on your website etc.

Thank you again for everything - designing and producing such great products but also for showing how a love of your work and being passionate about a truly worthwhile cause can positively affect others.

Keep up the absolutely amazing work!!!!!

Bianca, QLD

moogoo review

Hi MooGoo

I was asked to email you after a comment on your Facebook page, thanks for the recognition, but it is really you guys that need thanking! I have [edited], though not irritating they have recently been commented on a lot, a friend has given me some of your eczema and psoriasis cream and I order the new one and some other stuff, I don’t think it is a proper internet order unless it hits $100! hehe So I was hooked, this last order that I was spruiking at work included the rosacea powder and even after three nights it looks better and it had just flared up quite badly before I started. I am very happy, I just got a new haircut, new makeup, first in over 20 years, and my skin is going to be amazing thanks to you guys! I have been meaning to email, so this is the perfect excuse.

Nerida, NSW

Dear Moo Goo people

I am 57 years of age. When I was in my early 20s I was diagnosed by a dermatologist with seborrheic dermatitis (s.d). At that time the recommended product was but I was able to escape having to use the tar-based version. In the early 1990s came on the market on a prescription-only basis. It was sensational and really improved the quality of my life. All was well until about the middle of 2013.

For my birthday in April one of my daughters gave me a tube of your cream and suggested I try your shampoo and conditioner. I am the ultimate sceptic, particularly when it comes to using 'natural' products. However in a fit of desperation I bought the shampoo and conditioner in mid-May and have been using it since. I can say without hesitation my scalp is the best it has been.. Not only is my dandruff significantly reduced so too is the itching. Most of all though I no longer form crusty scab-like formations - it just sounds horrible and it is.

I have been spruiking your products to all and sundry. Please let me know if you plan to float the business so I can buy some shares. I cannot tell you what an improvement your products have made to my life.

Thank you very much
Stephen, NSW

My name is Lili and I've been using Moogoo products for over a year. Actually it was my husband who recommended Moogoo to me as he's been a loyal customer for a couple of years, and both of us are very happy with the results. I have very dry skin and I'm using Moogoo full cream which works well for me. My husband has eczema on his scalp and parts of his face where the skin is usually red and dry. He tried lots of different products. You know what?  Thank you so much for this wonderful Moogoo.

Lili, NSW

Hi MooGoo team! :)

Myself and my mum have been using your products for a while now and we both ♥ LOVE them!

She excitedly got me to order your cream online and has never looked back. My mum has been trying every sort of {edited sorry} cream out there and while some didn't work, others worked for a while and then stop having an effect. With your Eczema and Psoriasis Cream the effects were seen... [edited due to regulations] The redness reduced and her areas where it was really bad, improved greatly to the point where it looked 'normal'. As my mum has dry skin, she really loves your new Eczema & Psoriasis Cream with Marshmallow, Elderberry and More. Your creams are a and have really helped my mum manage her [edited] and she is over the moon to have found a cream that actually works!!! :D

Seeing how well your product worked on my mum, I went ahead and looked into your Acne Cleansing Cream. I have had issues with acne and oily skin ever since puberty and reaching adulthood I have had to deal with adult acne. After some research online, I saw a trend with great reviews of your Acne Cleansing Cream with people who had oily skin. So after many years flitting from one acne product to another I thought 'why not, I have nothing to lose with giving it try'. I want to go on record that I am MOST grateful that MooGoo decided to go ahead and make the Acne Cleansing Cream. This is by far THE BEST acne cleasnning product I have used. It has greatly improved my skin. 

I have found the Anti-Ageing Cream with Resveratrol works well with the Acne Cleansing Cream. Using both creams has definitely lessened my breakouts to the point where they are very infrequent (i.e. only a few spots during 'that time of month'). By using both creams, it has also vastly reduced the oiliness of my face where I am not having to blot my face free of oil any more - I used to blot my face 3-4 times a day to get rid of excess oil.

Keep up the great work MooGoo, you are a wonderful Australian company that is changing so many people’s lives, it’s an extraordinary thing!

MC Leng & her Mum, WA

Hi Lovely MooGooers

Just letting you know that I received this order today.


Not only was I surprised by the super-fast shipping, but also totally delighted by the lovely extras.

Thank you so much for the bonus Milk Wash (really saves my hands from drying out during the colder months) and for the sample of age care cream , which I look forward to trying.

Love your products and your website, which makes getting everything in one place so much simpler.

Hope your day is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Many thanks
Sherril, SA :)

My niece has been suffering from Eczema since 5 years old.

Recently due to stress her face was the worst I've ever seen.

I'm Annie Vo her aunty I came across the sample for the Eczema &Psoriasis.

I thought I'll get her to try.

The results were amazing. Her response was she cried.

I thought I'll let you guys know your product has put a smile back on Angels face and I'm forever grateful.

Keep up the good work

Annie, VIC

Hey Guys,

I have been on the website for the past twenty minutes reading all of the reviews and I thought I would send you a quick email because I can't figure out how to write a review. Firstly I am 21 and have been having really bad scalp 6 or so years because my hair is crazy thick and it gets really hot and sweaty and itchy when I run around. My hairdresser who has been doing it for about 25 years recommended I try MooGoo Shampoo. I went onto the website and read some reviews which were all positive so I decided to get some and try it out.  I have used it for about 6 months or so and it is amazing, especially when my uniform is all black and there isn't snow on my shoulders anymore. I have an amazing crop of hair if I don’t say so myself but it is so frustrating when dandruff is falling out like there's no tomorrow. Also, last week, I decided to bite the bullet and try MooGoo Conditioner....... where has this been my whole life.  Literally I'm 'lucky' to find one itty bitty piece  a day. I like that it doesn’t leave my hair all glossy and floppy. Smooth enough to look yummy but rigid enough to look yummier. But seriously guys if I could put this on your page I would. I rave on about it to anyone who will listen and I look forward to trying more of your products and take a more natural approach. So sorry for my rant and the woeful grammar and punctuation but this keyboard is a pain and as long as the intention is positive then it shouldn’t matter.. Thankyou so much. Like really it has made a huge, huge difference and I can worry about other things than dandruff.

Jake, QLD

I just wanted you to know that I had suffered from scalp problems most of my life and I am now 58. Two years ago I started using milk shampoo and I have now not had it for two years! My scientific mind would therefore postulate that it was the chemical additives in other shampoos that was causing my problem that then needed stronger chemicals to treat the problem. If only I had known earlier that the solution was in a cow and a company called MooGoo! Many thanks!

Chris, NSW

Hi there,

I am just about to make another purchase, and thought I would email you and say thank-you so much for your products!

I am 20 years old, and have suffered with scalp problems for the last 4 years. As I have gotten older, it has seem to become worse. I literally tried everything . Every natural skin care product on the market, I had bought it!! I was about to give up, until I tried you're products about 8 months ago - and I have never turned back.

During my flare-ups, it is sometimes is so bad that people comment on my poor sunburn,and peeling! Every time I feel like I am going to get a flare-up I wash my hair in your amazing shampoo and conditioner, and the stinging and itchiness literally disappears!! I'm not saying it has gone, it never will, but you're products have helped so much! They have become a part of my weekly Beauty ritual,

So I just wanted to say thankyou :)

Kind regards,

A true MooGoo lover.
Libby, NSW Australia

lightening cream that works



Another happy customer saying thankyou for the brilliant products you have created.

I have a 5 month old son that has eczema.  I changed everything, re washed everything. Nothing worked. It seemed to just get worse (If one more person told me to keep his nails short...)

I discovered your product through a friend, and am currently using the Eczema Cream, followed by the MSM Soothing Cream, bath time we use the Mini Moo Bubbly Wash.

I can't express how thankful I am like so many of your customers. You have honestly given me back my happy little boy.

To say thankyou.. I'll be going back to buy the rest of the range (ok so I snuck in the brightening cream for me on first purchase, already love it) for both him and the rest of the family. I'm upgrading our products to MooGoo.

I have told anybody that will listen about your wonderful products.


Thank you again
Daniela, NSW

Hi MooGoo team,

I wanted to take some time to write to you and thank you for the your amazing formulas - both in business and in the bottle.

First of all, your customer service is outstanding and I appreciate the honesty of your product labelling and explanations. Your ethical business strategy (please don't ever change!) has earned you a loyal and proud customer for life.

I first came across your products in my mother's bathroom when I was a teenager full of impressions about beauty products. I was unimpressed by a shampoo that didn't foam (who ever heard of such a thing?!) and a body wash that didn't smell like a tropical island heaven (they couldn't even put in some vanilla?). I'd had acne since hitting puberty and was perpetually trying this and that cream, scrub, medicated lotion and so on to no avail.

One day some years later I ran out of my latest expensive miracle moisturiser designed specially for my hopeless skin. As a uni student I couldn't afford to buy another tub right away and my skin was so parched from my oil-banishing face scrub that I couldn't bear to go a few weeks without moisturiser. Out of desperation I raided mum's bathroom and whacked on the first creamy looking thing I could find.... some MooGoo Full Cream Moisturiser. I liked the texture but according to the "experts" I shouldn't touch moisturisers unless they were oil-free so I was expecting mass breakouts until I could scrape together some cash. What actually happened was very different. My acne didn't improve, but my skin quickly became less itchy, angry and blotchy - it loved it! I went out and bought my own tub and was pleasantly surprised to find that it even cost about ten times less for twice as much product as all the other moisturisers I used to buy. I have never looked back since.

Fast forward a few more years to the present and I hardly use anything EXCEPT MooGoo products. My facial acne is finally gone (apart from the occasional hormonal spot) thanks to the oil cleanser, milk wash and moisturiser. It turned out that all my skin really needed was a bit of kindness - the harsh, drying products were stripping my skin of its natural oils and moisture, and all the scrubbing and unpronounceable chemicals were irritating my skin, making my acne even worse and longer-lasting than my teen hormones alone could have possibly achieved. My skin can't get enough of the gentle, nutritious MooGoo formulas. After recently switching out my regular shampoo for your milk shampoo (your new formula works much better on my oily hair than it used to, so thanks for improving it) the acne that had persisted on my shoulders and back is finally clearing up too.

I used to hate my skin and it hated me too - we used to fight all the time. Thanks to MooGoo, I am happy with my skin and it is happy too - calm, smooth and glowing. I don't love my skin BECAUSE it looks better. My skin looks better BECAUSE I love it and treat it right. It's a whole different beauty philosophy and it's changed my life.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has worked hard in all aspects of your company. It is truly impressive.

Keep up the great work.

Harmony, WA

P.S. Have you ever considered making a toothpaste? I realise all your stuff is for the outside and the mouth is inside, but it's the only daily item in my bathroom cabinet that isn't moo-tastic ;)


I just wanted to take a minute to write to you guys to tell you how very happy and thankful I am that I found your products. I have dry skin with periodic bouts of patchy eczema. At the moment I'm in the final stages of my PhD and it has flared up terribly with all the stress! I read some reviews for your eczema cream and decided to give it a try and it has been a ! had left my skin so scaly and dried out and your product has really calmed it down. So that's thank you number one!

The second is for your shampoo/conditioner which I only just got last week. My scalp has been dry, itchy, and flaky for years. YEARS. I've gentle shampoos, salon shampoos - the works - it never got any better. I'd just accepted it was always going to be that way and that I should try not to wear black tops that give the game away. Then after my success using your eczema cream I thought I'd give your hair products a try.

I've washed my hair using MooGoo twice now. The last time was on Sunday night. It is now Thursday afternoon. I repeat: THURSDAY AFTERNOON. There is not a flake or red patch or itch in sight. it has been four whole days now and my scalp feels freaking fantastic. This is what a normal head feels like... I could just cry with joy.

THANK YOU. You have a fan for life in me. Also a dedicated sales rep - I haven't shut up about it to my partner/friends/family all week.

Ok, happy-rant over :)


Genevieve, NSW

To the team at MooGoo,

I am 34 years old and have suffered from  seborrheic dermatitis since I was a child. I would literally wash my hair, get out of the shower and the dandruff would appear before I'd even left for school. It was so bad that I would have to re-wash it in freezing cold water in the sink, in the hopes of hiding the dandruff. I just put up with the dermatitis on my face, and never EVER used moisturiser as no matter what brand I tried, it just made the symptoms worse!

When I got a bit older I discovered anti dandruff products, but there was only one mainstream product that actually worked and it was full of disgusting ingredients & made my hair dry. t burned but it worked. I hate to think what was in it, but it was pretty lethal smelling stuff...all being absorbed into my skin...yuck!

Every now and then I would try a fancy shampoo & conditioner, it would miraculously work for about 2 or 3 washes and then back to the itchy, burning clumps & dandruff all through my hair. I got very good at tying my hair up & not touching it for the whole day, in fear of the dreaded snow falling onto my shoulders for everyone to see. It would itch so bad sometimes that I would scratch it later at home until it bled.

Then earlier this year I heard about MooGoo. 

These days I let my hair down, I run my fingers through my hair without any fear, no itching, no flaking, no scratching!! It's made me more confident in public. I'm still a bit shocked that it actually works! After all the years I feel I am finally free, so thank you MooGoo :)

But it doesn't stop there....as I mentioned above, I could never ever use moisturiser as it would make my face red, itchy & flaky. Well I am now washing my face with the Milk Wash & moisturising every day with the Scalp Cream & now my face is calm & itch free too!

I have also tried many of the other products and everything I have tried has been great. Some special ones to note are the Eczema and Psoriasis Cream which I used on a stubborn rash on my leg... Strawberry Tinted Edible Lip Balm which is yummy and makes my lips feel lovely :) Nappy Balm & Mini Moo Bubbly Wash which I bought for my sister, she said they were wonderful on my nephew's skin :)

To the staff at MooGoo, thank you so much for all the time & effort you have put into your products. It's nice to know I'm not poisoning my body with toxic products anymore AND that I don't have to worry about my skin problems anymore. You have a customer for life here!

Warmest regards
Brooke, Melbourne VIC

Hi Moogoo team,

Just wanted to let you know how much I love your acne cleansing cream.

I've tried everything over many, many years to manage my acne and it's cost me thousands and thousands