Dr Zoo Staff Favourites - Part 2

Dr Zoo Staff Favourites - Part 2

The Dr Zoo gang is back! And up to more mischief than ever. Last year, we introduced you to some of the furry & friendly faces behind Dr Zoo; Bruno, Lola, Otto and Honey. A lot has happened since then and our team sure has grown. They may be silly at times, but they’re also smart and savvy when it comes to skincare. We sat them down to learn about their favourite Dr Zoo products. Get ready to learn a little and laugh a lot!



Warehouse Packer Pro and master of mischief.

''You may remember my mama Honey, I’m her little BB! As a puppy, I can’t say working hard and packing orders is my top priority. I’d like to call myself ‘Team Morale Mascot’ I keep the humans company when they’re busy working away and make them giggle with my wild antics.

Going between the warehouse and office every day can make my puppy paw pads a little ruff. To help heal my paws, I sniff out the Dr Zoo Crusty Nose, Itchy Toes Nose & Paw Butter and ask my mama for a paw-ssage. It's pup-tastic too if you’ve got an itchy or sore snoot. Be sure to use the balm sparingly, a little goes a long way. Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Hemp Seed Oil are paw-some moisturisers and help to speed up the natural healing of the skin, so your pooch can be back on their favourite adventures in no time.''



Online Marketing Creative, vocal hooligan and mucky pup.

''My name is Ollie and I’m a rescue pup with more energy than a kid at a sweet shop. My favourite part about going to work is getting to sing my colleagues praises by howling up and down the office hallway – they totally appreciate it. When I’m not in the office setting up online promos and helping out with photoshoots, I’m at the beach paddling in the waves, wrestling with my favourite dog friends or rolling in bird poop (the smell makes me quite the hit with the ladies.)

All throughout my (short) life I’ve had sensitive skin, and am always reaching (and licking) for the Dr Zoo Irritable Skin Cream to soothe my dry patches. And while I recommend the Irritable Skin Cream to any pooch or feline going through a tuff time, the Lose the Groupies Protective Bug Spray is definitely my favourite Dr Zoo product. For some reason, bugs just love me! Did I tell you I’m a socialite among all animals? Although, I don’t know why my bug friends bite me, it sure is itchy! My mama says it’s karma for chasing lizards. Don’t know what she’s talking about.

Anyhow, she sprays me with the Lose the Groupies Bug Spray to keep the biting at bay. It’s a special fragrance that mozzies and insects aren’t attracted to, the formula is of course natural and totally lickable so it can also be sprayed around the face. My mama says her favourite part is the scent. Apparently, it’s like a bath in a bottle, that masks the mess I roll in during my walk. I keep telling her that’s what the Ruff to Fluff Dry Shampoo is for!”



E-Commerce Connoisseur, fetch fanatic and gold star golden dog.

''I’m Barney and I am the newest pooch in the Dr Zoo pack. While work is fun, I prefer to leave the numbers to my mum. You won’t hear a peep out of me at work, I am still a little shy but that doesn’t stop me from getting all the cuddles from the humans on the team (the other pooches are pretty jealous.)

I may have not been around the Dr Zoo office for long, but I sure do love the Dr Zoo Ruff to Fluff Dry Shampoo. You think these golden curls look after themselves?! Unfortunately for my mum, they don’t. And with a schedule like ours, we don’t have time for them to be shampooed, conditioned, and blow-dried every second day. To maintain these curls that humans love and fellow pups envy, I simply sprinkle some Dry Shampoo through the areas of my coat that are at risk of becoming a little matted or stinky. The best part is the paw-ssage my mama gives me to disperse the powder and after 5-10 minutes, she brushes me with the Dr Zoo Bamboo Grooming Brush to remove any excess powder. The combination of natural ingredients absorbs all the oil, odours and dirt you could do without and is gentle enough for animals with sensitive skin. That’s how easy it is to freshen up without the major ordeal of bath time!

Want to know a secret? If your humans hair looks like it could do with a refresh, the Ruff to Fluff Dry Shampoo is also safe (and effective) on human hair! We won’t tell anyone if they sprinkle some on themselves.



Retail Marketing Matriarch, lover of the finer things in life, don’t pat her unless you’re invited (she’s the queen.)

‘’Hay there, I’m Cookie and I’m just as sweet as my name suggests. By day, I live a busy life looking after the marketing activities of over 200 stores that stock Dr Zoo and by night, I’m living the high life of treats, cuddles in bed and… more treats. My high pressure job causes my Eczema to flare when I’m stressed (totally NOT cute!) That’s why I am particular (not 'fussy', thank you) with what I use to keep myself clean.

I love the Dr Zoo Ditch the Itch Pack as it’s totally value for (my mamas) money, which means there’s more to spend on treats. Besides the saving, the Shampoo and Conditioner is soothing, smells divine and keeps my beautiful coat in tip-top condition thanks to the natural ingredients, particularly the Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil. As for the Irritable Skin Cream, I could bark on all day about this paw-some cream! It hydrates and soothes my skin all at once, if mum hasn’t managed to keep the treats stocked up, I do sometimes lick the cream right off (my bad) but my mama doesn’t worry because Dr Zoo is totally lickable!’’

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