Itching To Know How To Get Rid of Head Lice?

Have you experienced combing tiny insect bugs out of your child’s hair for hours after bribing them with chocolate to sit still? Only to have them come back again the next week? The slopping of homemade remedies, the taming of knotty locks, and the tears…oh the tears! And we’re not talking about the kids here. Being a parent is not an easy job, we all know that. But head lice seem down-right determined to make it even harder. Getting rid of head lice and their devilish spawn has never been a fun task, but we’ve done it ourselves, the nitty-gritty to create a product that stops the little beast in their tiny tracks. What does this head lice treatment and the artist of Mambo no.5 have in common? It’s a one-hit-wonder. This means you’ll only have to do the treatment the one time before you can go back to bedtime cuddles without cringing.

What's the best head lice treatment?

Our killer head lice treatment ‘Head Lice & Eggs Destroyer Kit’ takes all the pain and annoying hassle away from the process and, not to brag, but we’ve even managed to make it fun. It’s natural, works the very first time you use it, and mums and dads swear by it across the country. We also understand that children are more sensitive to smells and we took that into account. Our head lice treatment is made with a subtle, pleasant scent that kids won’t hate, and gives no tell-tale signs of lice treatment (aka Tea Tree Oil!), so you won’t have to deal with Susan’s judge-y face at after-school pick-up. No one likes you, Susan!

Superman, Superwoman and the SuperNit

These three are nit only (whoopsies) *not only, very popular amongst children but they are all almost indestructible. In-fact, if bets were going for a fight between Superman and an adult louse, I’d put my money on the louse. You see, the “super nit” is a new breed of head lice that have adapted to the chemicals we used to kill them off – how sneaky of them. They’re much more stubborn and persistent than their mortal ancestors (a perfect example of evolution in action) and if it wasn’t for their disgusting and inconvenient presence, we’d be impressed by their tenacity! Yes, the “super nit” is a survivor (singing Destiny’s Child in our heads) …but even Superman had kryptonite.

Why trust us when it comes to nits?

MooGoo’s founder and father of three beautiful girls had the joy of combing head lice out of his children’s hair for years! Unimpressed with the ineffective and often harsh treatments available, he decided to create his own, one that is comfortable, gentle, not smelly, and extremely effective.

What ingredients are in it?

We use natural and non-damaging ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, rosemary oil, eucalyptus, and lavender to name a few. We make sure we don’t use harsh chemicals like insecticides and overuse essential oils. In fact, MooGoo has created a unique delivery system for essential oils that penetrates the lice more effectively, meaning you only need a small amount. No brittle, dry, and damaged hair here, please!

What comes in the kit?

The kit includes a Nick Off Nits Cream to cover the head and scalp to stun the lice. A stun-ning cow-print shower cap, (yes, you read that right, we said cow print) to allow the cream to soak in and finally, the head lice comb to trap and drag nits from the hair. The only thing we don’t provide is the nits themselves. It seems your kids take care of that part just fine.

How easy is it to use?

Head lice removal can be a stressful and tedious process, but just remember, sure, they’re annoying, relentless, and really small, but at the end of the day they are your children and you find a way to love them (just kidding!). Here’s how to combat those insatiable gremlins…we’re talking about the head lice this time.

Step 1: Stun the lice by applying the Nick of Nits Cream directly to dry and detangled hair, enough to cover all hair from root to tip. Lather it on like it's going out of style.

Step 2: Stun your friends and neighbours and cover the scalp with the stylish shower cap. The shower cap even has cow horns. Sit back and relax for 10 minutes. 

Step 3: Section the hair using a regular comb and then using the MooGoo Head Lice Comb, comb through each section at least 5 times from root to tip. Be sure to wipe the comb clean every time you comb through because they’re quick buggers and they can run back into the hair if given the chance.

Step 4: Next, blow-dry the hair. Blow drying the hair is like an egg-killing heat ray! (I’ve always wanted one of those!?) Be sure to check the base of the neck and behind the ears as head lice run to these spots when they are faced with a heat ray.

Step 5: It’s recommended to use it at least once every 5 days for the next 10 days. And lastly

Step 6: Pat yourself on the back for a job well done, you did amazing. Your technique? Flawless. Your patience and level-headedness? Unmatched. You child’s hair? Clean, fresh, and tenant-free. Well done!

Just a few more tips! Wash all bed linens, stuffed animals, and clothing used during the 2 days before treatment. Vacuum carpets and any upholstered furniture in your home or car. Soak hair-care items like combs, barrettes, hair ties, headbands, and brushes in hot water or throw them away. And never say “it’s up to you” to your hairdresser.