Staff Favourites Part 1 – The Products We’re Super Paw-ssionate About

Staff Favourites Part 1 – The Products We’re Super Paw-ssionate About

At MooGoo and Dr Zoo, you can trust that we use our products every single day. We don’t test on animals, we test on ourselves and if that goes well, we pass it onto the rest of our pack. We often get asked what our favourite Dr Zoo products are and while our answer as humans is obvious, (we love them all), we thought we would shine the light on the pups of Dr Zoo and their favourites. After reading this, you’ll get to know a little more about the pack behind Dr Zoo and why the MooGoo HQ is so paw-some!


E-Com. & Marketing Expert, (self-appointed) Chief Dog Officer, pro escape artist.

''I like to put my best paw forward every day, and as top dog, I need to set an example for the others in the office. Although, I do like to run around the halls and cause a little mischief which sometimes leaves these golden locks a little smelly and tangled. Whenever I start to notice a whiff in the office, I immediately turn to Otto and check he hasn’t had an accident (he’s still potty training). And if I can’t blame Otto I then quickly sneak down to the warehouse and grab a tube of the Dr Zoo Tame the Mane Grooming Cream. Paired with the Dr Zoo Bamboo Pet Brush, this stuff will detangle your coat and freshen you up in no time leaving your furr-bulous. I especially appreciate the Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Pro-Vitamin B5 to keep my coat shiny (naturally, no nasties here) - thanks Craig!

I also need to tame my mane after bath time otherwise I’m a little too fluffy (who knew there was such thing as too much fluff!?) so it’s great that the grooming cream can be used on wet fur also.


Insider Tip – Get your human to give you a massage as they apply the Tame the Mane Grooming Cream with their hands. You are likely to purr like a cat and can thank me for that tip in the currency of TREATS.’’


A Bit Hippy Branding whizz, beach babe, plant enthusiast and rescue pup.

''I like to work from home, the 9-5 office grind just isn’t for me. The main perk of the WFH lifestyle for me is taking my laptop outside and laying on all of mum’s plants while I work! I just love basking in the sun, although I’m still young and can’t quite tell when I’ve had a little too many rays. And let me tell you, sunburn hurts us too! I’ve heard rumours from the MooGoo herd that some customers use generic human sunscreen on their animals! Did you know that too much Zinc is toxic for us dogs? You know we can’t resist licking up just about anything and everything, so the Zinc needs to go.

Dr Zoo uses Titanium Dioxide as an alternative to Zinc Oxide to provide sun protection, in fact it is SPF 15, which means I’m protected from 94% of the UV rays. I love the edible oils that are packed in this zinc free sunscreen for dogs, sun protection plus a little nourishment for my skin? Yes thanks! Down at the beach I am hound-ed by humans and dogs asking me about my pet friendly sunscreen. I do share my bottle around but when I see them next, they’ve purchased their own! Unfortunately, the Sun Cream is so popular that it’s currently sold out. But don’t fret, the Dr Zoo humans can notify you when it’s back in stock, just click here to sign up for the notification!”


E Com. Warehouse Manager & Tech Genius, youngest of the pack and you won’t be able to resist my cuddles.

‘’Hey! I’m Otto and new to the Dr Zoo pack, in fact, I’m new to the world! My days at the Dr Zoo office usually consist of a play, eat, nap, cuddle, repeat routine. The ‘play’ part of my day involves adventuring all through the office and warehouse, which can sometimes make me a little dusty or smelly. To maintain my ‘newborn puppy’ smell that everyone one seems to love, my human dusts me with the Dr Zoo Ruff to Fluff Dry Shampoo for dogs, because I haven’t got time for a daily wash. There are birds to be chasing! The magic in this formula is its’ ability to absorb oils, odours and dirt that sometimes make us pups smell like something the cat dragged in.

Quick Tip - My human also likes to keep it in the car for a quick freshen up between play dates!

When it finally is time for a bath, I obviously cannot go past the Dr Zoo Natural Dog Shampoo and Nourishing Dog Conditioner. I need something that is ‘Totally Lickable’ as I love to dig into anything I can, food and all. I can get a little sensitive so it’s great to know that there’s only natural cleansers in the bottle for itchy dog relief. Although, my favourite ingredient is the Aloe Vera and Colloidal Rice Bran to help soothe my skin and Allantoin to control the microflora of the skin. Also, have you heard of Jojoba Oil? So many humans in the office love Jojoba Oil in their skincare and I have to agree, it’s amazing at conditioning my coat and lets me stay away from that old school silicone stuff. Yuck!‘’


Warehouse packer extraordinaire, mummy to pups and expecting, occasional escape artist.

‘’As a pregnant young mum of puppies, life can be a little tuff. My favourite Dr Zoo product is the Irritable Skin Cream for itch relief. As always, it is free from harsh ingredients, cortisone and steroids that I don’t want my puppies going near. I can get a little itchy and suffer from sensitive skin due to several causes so this soothing and sensitive cream for dogs makes me feel better than ever! The ingredient list is absolutely amazing, with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Colloidal Oatmeal, I can see why members of the pack with eczema and dermatitis use this stuff all the time. It really is a must have for every dog!

And before you say anything – just think of me as the Victoria Bark-ham of Dr Zoo, I’m smiling on the inside!’’

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