5 Handy Hacks For Your Pets Lick Mat

5 Handy Hacks For Your Pets Lick Mat

If you’ve been a part of the Dr Zoo pack for a while, you’re likely to know that we do more than sell just skin and fur care products. Throughout the years, we came across some other treats we just couldn’t get enough of and had to share them with you. From our Bamboo Grooming Brush to the Dr Zoo Bow Tie, we’ve got the goods to help keep your pet looking fur-bulous. Our favourite among these treats is the Lick & Stay Treat Mat. It’s the ulti-mutt distraction for any fussy fur child and it’s more versatile than you know!

1. A bestie at bath time.

Bath time is often a high-stress situation for many dogs. Slapping a Lick Mat onto the inside of the bathtub before they (regrettably) get in is a surefire way to provide mental stimulation and alleviate stress. Watch them wag their tail and lick up every bit of peanut butter, they won’t even realise they’ve been washed and conditioned!

2. Let them lick while you clip.

Any kind of grooming can be uncomfortable and frankly, quite annoying for pets. Nail clipping in particular is a high-stress situation for both humans and pets with the risk of bleeding veins. Sorry, that’s a little TMI. One way to make the experience for you and your pet less stressful and a lot more successful is to distract them with the... you know it… Dr Zoo Lick & Stay Treat Mat! They’re much less likely to notice you handling their precious paws and the scary clippers if they’re busy feasting on some golden sweet potato!

3. Slow down the eager beavers.

Does your pet eat their meal like it’s their first meal in a week? Dogs that eat too fast are unknowingly putting their health at risk. To prevent choking, vomiting and even bloating. Yep, dogs bloat too! Try spreading a portion of their dinner into the Lick Mat, the little bumps in the mat will prevent them from being able to eat up large bites of food at once. Dogs that eat slower are also less likely to overeat too!

4. Help improve their mental health.

If you’re out of the house, 9-5 making a living, and paying for your pets' luxe life, this one’s for you. Most dogs (unless you’re the proud owner of a lazy bones) need more than just a walk every morning for mental stimulation. Next time you leave the house, spread on their favourite treat and they’ll have a ball licking up every last bit. If you’ve got yourself a mucky puppy who instead paws at its mat and tries to flip it over, yep, stories like this come through more than you’d realise! Try laying their mat into an old (or new, if you’re bougie like that) baking tray, and watch them slowly (but surely) swap the paw for a tongue.

5. Our top treats to spread on a Lick Mat.

Licky Mats and peanut butter is a pet's version of peanut butter and jelly. But, we urge you to get a little more creative and try out our top treats for your Dr Zoo Lick & Stay Treat Mat!

- Your pooches' fave veggies, pureed.
- Plain Greek yoghurt.
- Gelatinous fat/trimmings from dinner.
- Mashed banana for potassium.
- Cottage cheese

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