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Dr Zoo Bow Tie

Dr Zoo Bow Tie

  • Suitable for all dog and cat breeds.
  • Fits most small and medium collars.
  • Materials: 100% Polyester, velcro fastening.
  • Size: 12cm wide x 6cm high.
  • Easily fastened with 2 elastic loops to slip your pet's collar into.
  • Makes for the perfect gift for your fave pooch!
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For the pet that likes to put their best paw forward, this uber-cute and stylish bowtie will have them looking their best whatever the occasion. And what's even better? It's limited edition and guaranteed to invite compliments anywhere your pooch parades!

Suitable for all cats & dogs who wear a collar. With two velcro straps, simply attach it to your pet's collar and watch them parade around feeling like top dog!