2021 – Your Pet’s Best (and healthiest) Year Yet

2021 – Your Pet’s Best (and healthiest) Year Yet

Beginning 2021 feels like a much more significant achievement than previous years, right? Goodbye 2020, hello to a (hopefully) PAW-SOME 2021! Corona-who? (Fingers crossed.) January is the month of overcrowded gyms, green smoothies and a new you (but we think you’re just lovely exactly how you are ❤). While you’re working on becoming the best version of yourself, have you stopped to think about your furry friend sitting beside you? They’ve surely snuck some Christmas ham from the dinner table, indulged in a few more human treats and skipped a few walks. And who can blame them, that sounds like a mighty fine time! Just like us, indulgent behaviors can catch up on all little (or large) creatures. A quick reflection of your pet's health and habits will help keep them fighting fit for years to come.

Take your pup out – and not just to pee

It’s hot, you’re tired, they’re lazy, lets skip the morning walk. Articles listing the importance and benefits of exercise are age-old and overdone, spinning round and round like a broken record. But one more time… exercise is super important for all pooches! Granted, some need more than others and no, we don’t think a little Frenchie could withstand a hike up a mountain but there are so many reasons pups need a good workout each and every day. A sedative dog quickly turns into an overweight dog. This is hilarious in cartoons but overweight dogs are at an increased risk of cancer, diabetes and joint problems. Sorry to put a downer on your day – but it’s a ruff life for overweight pooches!

Also, their little brain is just as complex as ours, it needs to be stimulated to function at its best capacity. Kinda sounds over the top, but we know you love them with your whole heart. All the different sights, smells and sounds they’ll take in during their stroll will keep that little brain of theirs healthy. You can’t forget the opportunities they’ll get from training and socializing with children and other animals. Keeping up with training, commands and continual socialization is key for a happy dog that loves everyone just as much as everyone loves them! As a general rule of thumb, 30 minutes a day of physical activity is just enough.

They won’t be happy about this one, but they’ll thank you in the long run

Got a pup that can eat!? And then some?! A treat is twice as nice when it’s off a human's plate! Overeating has just as many health risks for dogs as humans. Restricting them from toxic human foods like chocolate, raisins and onions is one thing, but some dogs regularly overeat just from instinct. Portion sizes and what constitutes a healthy diet vary between breeds but is important to keep that tail wagging!

Trust me, I’m a DOGtor

For peace of mind, most good vets offer general health checks. DOGtors will check their body condition, skin, fur, eyes, ears, teeth, mouth, weight and any signs of illness. It’s always a good idea to check the machine is working properly every now and then – and the new year is a purr-fect op-paw-tinity! After all, a little TLC never hurt anyone!

A hot-dog aint a healthy dog

And last but certainly not least – sun safety! Especially in Australia, sun safety is the leader of the pack when it comes to the health of your pet. Enough water and shade are essential to keep your dog safe over summer, they’ll struggle to let you know when they’re feeling a little under the weather from the heat, so you’ll need your mighty fur-parent instincts to kick in! Take a look at our last blog on keeping your pooch cool this summer here for some fur-bulous tips.

Be sure to set aside some time to check over your dog's health and daily habits, they do say health is wealth.

Love lots, and paws-per!

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