Staff Favourites Part 3 - The team keeps growing and the favourites keep coming.

Staff Favourites Part 3 - The team keeps growing and the favourites keep coming.

It’s us again! We’re back with the third instalment of our staff favourites. If you’re thinking, ‘those guys must have more furry friends in the office than human employees,’ it’s likely you’re right. The more the merrier, we say! Anyhow enough from us, it’s time to get to know our newest and furriest recruits.  


Retail Marketing Assistant, mummy's little boy and our smallest, cheekiest chap.

"My name’s Stompi George but you can call me Stomples. I’m the newest and most excitable member of the Dr Zoo pack and spend my days doing zoomies up and down the office hallway. Productivity is my middle name! (My Manager would probably say otherwise.)   

Mum and I are constantly stopped in public 'cause of my gorgeous good looks. Little do the hoomans know life wasn’t always like this. I suf-fur from chronic ear and yeast infections. And while I may be a good pup, I’m not paw-fect and couldn’t help but itch my ears! Over time, they became red, scabby, itchy and unbearable! I sure was having tuff time. Luckily for me, I have a super-mum and she gently massaged the Dr Zoo Irritable Skin Cream into my ears twice a day, every day. Within no time I started to see results and get back to my hyper, paw-some self. The top-dog ingredients in this formula are the soothing Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Colloidal Oatmeal. It’s free from harsh chemicals, cortisone and steroids which makes it totally lickable, just like the rest of the Dr Zoo range. I’m no in-fur-luencer, but I suggest you take my lead and fetch the Irritable Skin Cream if you too suf-fur from itchy skin!"  


Head of Sales, big sister to two kids, the prettiest Cavoodle in town.

"Hi guys, I’m Sadie and when I’m not at the Dr Zoo office helping the Sales Reps drive sales, I’m at home running around fetching the mess made by my hooman siblings Daisy and Hugo. While I enjoy this fast-paced lifestyle, it sure doesn’t leave much time for my mum to pam-purr me to paw-fection.  

That’s why I go barking mad for the Dr Zoo Natural Calming Shampoo. While it’s made with natural ingredients and is SLS-free, I can still easily get a bubbly lather to wash these curly locks. And what’s best? The formula is also full of nourishing ingredients including Aloe Vera and Colloidal Rice Bran to help soothe and calm the skin of pooches who like to scratch their itches!

Don’t forget to follow with the Dr Zoo Natural Nourishing Conditioner made with Jojoba Oil instead of silicone, a great fur moisturiser that won’t weigh down the coat. Anyhow, must go, there are children to attend to. But trust me when I say fetch this shampoo for soft, fluffy and fur-bulous locks just like mine!" 


Accounts Assistant, gentle giant, can sniff his way around a spreadsheet fetching the overdue invoices.

"In my past life, I was a rescue pup called Brandt. But now I’m named Beans, an only child in a dual-income household. To say I live the woof life is an understatement. Previously having major knee surgery meant I had to take a few months out, but I’m back going barking mad at the dog park chasing tennis balls and playing with all the big dogs!

Now I’m spending more time outside, I have to be su-paw careful not to burn. And while I love to bask in the sun, dogs suf-fur from sunburn too! Did you know too much Zinc (the ingredient in hooman sunscreen) is toxic to dogs? That’s why the big dogs at Dr Zoo produced a Natural Zinc-Free Sun Cream especially for us! It’s made with Titanium Dioxide to provide sun protection as an alternative to Zinc Oxide and is SPF 15 protecting from 94% of UV radiation. What’s not to ruff!?

Be sure to howl about this treat at your local dog park so your pack mates with light-coloured noses or thin fur (just like me) can protect their skin from the sun rays on outside days."  

Insider tip - paw-fect for belly-up sunbakers!


Art Director, lady of luxury, affectionate on her terms.

"I’m not kitten around when I say I am the top dog at Dr Zoo! Someone's got to keep these over-excited pooches in check. I may be small, but I’m a mighty creative powerhouse responsible for all those paw-some website, social media and email images. Being a fancy feline, I enjoy the full-time work-from-home lifestyle ‘cause being chased by my colleagues is just not my thing!  

When I’m not creating masterpieces, I’m grooming my gorgeous ginger coat. #felinethings. The Dr Zoo double-sided Bamboo Grooming Brush is a must-have multitasker! My fur-care routine begins with the pin side first. My mum gently brushes me from tip to tail to remove tangles and matted fur, not that I have many. While I recommend a light touch with the brush, the metal pins are rounded at the end to prevent skin damage. Purr-fect! And once my tangles are tamed, my mum swaps sides to get my coat back to its smooth, shiny self! Whether you’re a pooch or feline, with long or short fur, be sure to look your best with the Dr Zoo Bamboo Grooming Brush. And thank me later for this paw-sitively wonder-fur-l recommendation!"

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