3 Summer Essen-tails to Keep Your Pooch Safe This Summer

3 Summer Essen-tails to Keep Your Pooch Safe This Summer

As the weather gets warmer and the sun shines brighter, it's important to remember that our furry friends need protection from the sun's harmful rays and severe Australian environment too! Here's our must-haves (and dos) to keep your special friends safe this summer. 

1. Swap out Zinc Oxide for Titanium Dioxide.

Yep, animals can suf-fur from sunburn too! Animals that have light-coloured noses, thin or missing fur, or that just like to sunbake upside down exposing their bellies, are most in need of sun protection.

Be sure to protect your pooches' skin from the sun with a Sun Cream designed specifically for animals.

Our Natural Zinc-free Sun Cream is perfect for those sun-loving pets as we use edible oils along with Titanium Dioxide to provide sun protection as an alternative to Zinc, which is toxic for pets when consumed in large quantities.

Better still, it's just $12.90! Be sure to check out our application tutorial reel on Instagram!

2. The Only Ticks We Like End In Tok...

While we are so lucky to live in Australia, there is some scary truth to the saying:

"Everything in Australia is trying to kill you!"

And by 'you' we're sure they meant 'you and your adored pet'. Ticks may be small, but they're mighty and dangerous. They attach themselves to your pet's skin and can cause a variety of health problems including a variety of diseases and even paralysis. Follow these 5 steps to prevent a tick scare, so you can get back to scrolling on TikTok:

1. Use a tick preventative all year round. Not just over summer. 'Cause once you're in the habit, it's harder to forget each month. There’s a whole range of tick preventatives including topical treatments, collars and oral medications. These handy medications will help to prevent a tick from attaching itself to your pet. In the case that they do manage to attach, the medication will kill them and prevent the occurrence of symptoms and the transmission of disease.

2. Maintain your lawn and garden at home and steer clear of long grass in public. Ticks thrive in tall grass and thick bushes so maintaining your backyard will not only keep your pet safer but will help to control the tick population. Besides, it's not just ticks that hang around these areas... snakes too!

3. Give your pet a belly rub and tick check regularly. While ticks are small and can be difficult to spot, checks are lifesaving, 'cause detection is key! Pay special attention to the ears, head, around the tail, between the toes and around the eyes. All those pesky, hard-to-reach areas! We find massaging in a Nose & Paw Butter helps us give our pets a more thorough look and keeps their skin healthy and hydrated.

4. Buzz cuts are totally in. If you're the proud owner of a long-haired pooch, consider clipping their coat. Not only will it cool them down during the summer months, but it'll also be easier for you to spot a tick.

If your pet has long, luscious that you’re just not ready to part with, a regular wash will do more than just keep them clean. Give your pet a scrub-a-dub-dub regularly with the Dr Zoo Natural Calming Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner to help dislodge any ticks and fleas hanging around in their coat. Dry them off with our handy dandy Shake it off Shammy and brush them down using a Bamboo Grooming Brush. Not only will they be so fresh and so clean, but free of parasites!

To the pet parents of short-haired dogs, don’t get complacent! Sadly, they're not totally immune to tick bites. Brush through a natural, powder Dry Shampoo through their coat. Take it slow and feel for suspect bumps that could be a lodged tick along the way.

5. Take note of your closest Vet, and have their number saved. In the case of a tick scare, don't be the hero, leave it to the experts.

3. As the Degrees Celsius Rises, Keep Them Cool.

While winter can be a bore, there's nothing cool about a hot dog. Just like you can lose your cool after a few too many Pina Coladas by the pool, your pooch is sure to sweat under the harsh summer rays.

To keep your furry friend cool, be sure to overdo it on water... there's no such thing as too many water bowls! And skip the lunch break walks for early morning exercise. The sun’s up early, so no excuses!

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