It's a Ruff Life: How to Manage Bath Time Anxiety

It's a Ruff Life: How to Manage Bath Time Anxiety

“My dogs harder to bathe than the kids!’’

“I’m sick of walking out of the bathroom soaked and covered in scratches from head to toe!’’

If this sounds like you after bathing your little or large fur child, it’s likely they’re playing up due to a little anxiety. They’re not going to grasp the importance of cleanliness and let’s face it, baths are not exactly a pet’s idea of fun. Alternatives like dog grooming services are commonly costly and often cause even more anxiety for pets. Here are some of our paw-some tips to make bathtime less stressful and a lot more successful.

Set the scene

For us, we like candles, (SLS free) bubbles and a glass of wine with our bath. Pets need the same thing, water at the right temperature, all hazards out of reach and a slip free zone.

Slip free zone? – If you don’t already know from experience, bathtubs are slippery! Lay a child’s grip shower mat or old towel in the bathtub to stop the slips.

Getting their bath ready before they’re even aware it’s time for a wash is a great way to control the atmosphere. If you’re stressed running around pulling the hairdryer chord out of their mouth and hiding all your favourite MooGoo products, they’re going to pick up on that and become stressed themselves. Simple, preventative steps are key!


Get those endorphins going

Bark down! It may sound like we’ve lost it, but trust us, it works! Just like those mini humans running around, you’re never going to be able to get a dog to do something they don’t particularly like when they’re hyped up full of energy. Throw the ball for them in the back yard, take them down the beach or even invite their best dog mate over for a play date, whatever is guaranteed to deplete them of energy! Exercise also releases the feel-good chemicals, endorphins. Tired, happy pups are a lot more likely to relax and stop resisting bath time!


You don’t use products with synthetic ingredients, so why should they?

Is there anything more stressful than that sudden itchy, burning feeling from an allergic reaction? We’re sure you can totally sympathise. Animals that suffer from sensitive skin or skin conditions are definitely going to freak out – especially when they cannot communicate with you! This is where Dr Zoo comes in to save the day. It’s best for all animals to use a natural, calming shampoo and conditioner to nourish their skin and fur. The Dr Zoo natural dog shampoo and dog conditioner for dry itchy skin is full of fur-bulous ingredients designed to clean their fur and soothe their skin.


Lets get lickin’

Handing treats to your dog while they’re scrubbin’ in the tub is a little unhygienic, annoying and frankly, old fashioned! You have no idea the sheer volume of wet dog biscuits that have ended up our bathroom floor. If you can relate, we’re going to let you in on our worst kept secret, the Dr Zoo Lick Mat for dogs! Just spread on a little (or a lot) of peanut butter and stick it onto the inside of your bath. Watch them wag their tail and lick up every bit, they won’t even realise they’ve been washed and conditioned!


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