Have You Tried Dry Baths?

Have You Tried Dry Baths?

What happens when your dog refuses to get into the tub? Or you have a cat that hates water (don’t they all?!) Or when it’s too cold for a bath? BRRR. The mention of a bath without the water will be sure to have their ears springing to attention. Dry baths will extend the time in between wet baths, so neither party has to go through that ordeal as regularly, and grooming time will become a happy time. Happy pup, happy life, right? Now many of you have told us that you would prefer a wet bath, and we’re not saying you won’t still need these, BUT we think we can convince you to give them a try! Why? Here are our reasons; ⠀

  • Some dogs, cats and other pets often run for the hills when it’s time for a bath. To your dog, a bath doesn't equate to getting all beautified; sometimes it means their worst nightmare. And don’t even mention a bath or even water to a cat, they may try and use you as a scratching post. This is when a dry bath will be your saviour. You just need to sit, sprinkle and brush! You can not only extend the time in between wet baths but gives you the time to help bond with your pet and make grooming time a happy time.
  • Sometimes you don't have enough time for a full wet bath. And taking your pooch to the groomers every couple of weeks, well that can be an expensive habit. It's ok, we understand bathing your pet can be tiring and you need to invest time that many might not have, or maybe something came up and you need to reschedule the wet bath. In that case, you just need to bring your dry bath tools and invest five minutes in dry cleaning them. 
  • The weather is not right. Winter and the cold weather can be a hard time to give wet baths. Especially if it’s rainy as well! Drying out their fur properly is a must, but can be difficult especially for our extra furry, long-haired friends. Our Ruff to Fluff Dry Shampoo will be your winter warrior.
  • Your pet only needs a quick refreshment. Even though many dogs and cats clean themselves exceedingly well, most still need a little helping paw to keep looking, and feeling, their very best. Sometimes, they only need a quick clean and brush after a hike or beach day.

The PURR-fect Combo! Our Bamboo Grooming Brush works perfectly with our Ruff to Fluff Natural Dry Shampoo. The brush allows the product to spread all over the fur and your pet will get a quick refresh. Our powder formula absorbs oils, odours and dirt. Containing a phthalate-free, low irritant fragrant oil, it’s great for itchy and sensitive pets. Just spread some of the product and brush a few times and you will have pet fresh in no time.

Of course, as we mentioned dry baths are not meant to be a permanent replacement for a good bath with water and shampoo (Sorry!). Dry baths are a trick you can pull in between regular baths, to extend the time between wet baths or when the weather or your pet is not cooperating.

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