Get Frost Winter! Caring For Pets During the Icy Season

Get Frost Winter! Caring For Pets During the Icy Season

If you’re lucky enough not to know from personal experience, the colder months bring along dry and flaky skin as their plus one. While there are countless blogs, products and old wives’ tales to combat winter skin issues in humas – our furry friends often get forgotten about. Besides, they have a warm, thick coat to protect them, right? Wrong! The skin irritations are still there, hidden under their luscious coats. When they figure out how to teach animals to talk to us, they’ll be able to let us know when they need our help. In the meantime, fetch our tips to care for your pet during the cold winter months.

Get the magnifying glass out

It’s time to get your Inspector Gadget on and a take a look! Part the fur in sections and closely examine the skin. This doesn’t have to take long, just a quick look. After all, you won’t be able to hold them down for long! If the skin is flaky, red or tender to touch, your furry friend needs your help! The Dr Zoo Irritable Skin Cream for itch relief is a paw-some all rounder. Simply apply a liberal amount to the affected area and re apply as required.

 You are what you eat

During the winter months, the morning smoothies slow down and hearty big breakies become the talk of the town. It’s important that pets have hearty meals with enough nutrition and fiber to keep them fuller for longer, just like humans. Pets burn a lot more energy regulating their body temperature to keep themselves warm in winter. Whether you switch up their diet or beef up their serving size is up to you, you’re doing amazing sweetie! If you want to be the dog Mum/Dad/Grandparent of the year, add in some Omega 3,6 and 9 to really help rebuild the skin surface. You’ll really start to see a difference in not only their skin but their fur too.

When it comes to keeping those parasites at bay, consistency is key

Thought fleas only prey on the pooch over summer? Think again. Skipping your preventative parasite control over winter is a big no no. If you drop off parasite your preventative, they’ll continue to make a home in your pets fur and your poor pooch will be in the thick of it come summer. Keep up the good work and reap the rewards!

Did you know - Some pets are allergic to the saliva from flea bites? Reactions can even last weeks, causing pets to scratch that itch, causing more irritation to the skin.

Myth busted – Pets can be too clean!

Deciding how often to give your pet a bath depends on a range of variables, including skin condition, breed and general lifestyle. Generally, pets don’t need a bath more than once a fortnight and exceeding this can disrupt their natural flora and skin barriers causing dry, flaky skin when using products with synthetic ingredients.

In between washes, a natural dry shampoo for pets will be a treat sent from heaven (a.k.a Dr Zoo). Simply shake the bottle over your canine or feline and let the dry shampoo soak up all those excess odours and oils. After 10-15 minutes, simply brush out any remaining powder with the Dr Zoo bamboo grooming brush.

Once they’re at the point where dry shampoo just won’t do, we recommend continuing the natural route. Our Natural Calming Shampoo and Natural Nourishing Conditioner work together like clockwork. The pet shampoo gently cleans the skin without causing irritation and the conditioner for itchy pets injects hydration into the skin and fur leaving their coat shiny and slick – so they can put their best paw forward. They’re full of buzz word ingredients including Coconut and Glucose based cleansers, Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil that aren’t just popular in the Instagram Influencer scene but can walk the walk but bark the bark. If you know what we mean!

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