Dr Zoo Staff Favourites Part 4

Dr Zoo Staff Favourites Part 4


It’s that time of year again… a sneak peek into the DZ HQ!

 Here at Dr Zoo, we bark all things skin & fur care all day long. And we just ruff it that the pack continues to grow, and we get to introduce our paw-some range to even more pooches. Without further ado, introducing to you the fourth (and absolutely not final) instalment of our Dr Zoo Staff Favourites feature! Trust the dogs that get down with Dr Zoo most!

Hamish & Jock - Product Knowledge Extraordinaire, Training Manager, and cheeky twins!

Hamish & Jock Talc-Free Dry Shampoo

While we may look the same, we’re actually 4 years apart! If you ask around the office, it’s very easy to tell them apart. One is usually running amuck frolicking up and down the warehouse isles and the other is hard at work training up the sales team to have the best Dr Zoo product knowledge possible.

Jock is the elder and wiser one and likes to be squeaky clean. While his job is a pretty clean gig, his long, dense coat sometimes gets a little too oily. Jock relies on the Dr Zoo Talc-Free Dry Shampoo to ensure his 5-star coat stays in tip-top condition.

Hamish likes to claim that the Dry Shampoo is his favourite too due to all the fun and adventures he likes to have (in both his personal and professional life) but we all know he’s just copying his big brother, Jock.

The Dr Zoo Talc-Free Dry Shampoo is a powder formula with Tapioca Starch & Bentonite Clay that will re-fur-esh your pet's coat by absorbing excess oils, odours and dirt that can sometimes make our pets look like they need a major glow-up!

Join the cheeky twins and fetch a bottle of Talc-Free Dry Shampoo!

Gypsy – Customer Service Manager, actual human lady, sassy Queen.

Gypsy Tame the Mane Grooming Cream

Gypsy may be our smallest staff member, but she sure runs the game. Nothing gets past Gypsy, especially other dogs, we’ve realized that she truly believes that she's human (behind all that fur!)

When Gypsy’s not down in the warehouse helping her mama pack orders, she's upstairs in the office with her aunty leading the customer service team to ensure our customers have the very best experience.

While Gypsy claims her luscious locks are natural, they’re actually a product of the Dr Zoo Natural Grooming Cream. Think of it as a leave-in conditioner, that’s ideal for detangling and conditioning fur (just like the name suggests!) We use Coconut & Jojoba Oil to keep the coat shiny, yep pets deserve human-grade ingredients too! Use straight after a bath on towel-dried hair before blow drying (that’s what Gypsy does) or just to help achieve that slick look in-between washes. We also added a natural and gentle fragrance that smells like tropical coconuts because pets love a delicious fur-grance too!

Get Grooming Cream just like Gypsy.

Tilly – The most glamorous gal in Customer Service, our quietest office dog with a loud love for skin & fur care!

Tilly Crusty Nose Itchy Toes Nose & Paw Butter

Tilly is our newest Customer Service superstar, but don’t let that fool you. She knows her way around skin & hair care fur-y well. Don’t tell Gypsy, but Tilly truly is the glamour queen at Dr Zoo. Every time she waltzes into the office, she’s got a posh new look that’s totally on trend!

While Tilly’s tipped to take the crown at the next Miss Universe competition, that doesn’t mean she's not subjected to sore paws and a dry snout over the cooler months. Tilly spends a lot of time outside during her hot girl walks to ensure she looks her best so she’s usually suf-fur-ing from sore paws and a dry nose when the cooler temperatures settle in. She’s quickly fallen in love with the Dr Zoo Crusty Nose, Itchy Toes Nose and Paw Butter and always keeps it her designer handbag. Made with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil for intense hydration as well as Hemp Seed Oil and Natural Vitamin E for their nourishing, soothing properties.

Take Tillys advice & get yours now.

Dolly – Shampoo & Conditioner Youngest & hungriest warehouse picker & packer!

Dolly Shampoo & Conditioner

Meet our biggest but youngest baby, Dolly. She’s one of the most paw-pular gals in the warehouse. She may be a speedy picker and packer, but she’s even speedier on the beach when she spots her fur-vourite pooch!

Little baby Dolly girl has way too much energy for a 5-step skincare routine and likes to keep it simple with the Dr Zoo Natural Sensitive Shampoo and Conditioner. We use Coconut & Glucose-based cleansers in our Shampoo to gently cleanse the skin & fur without causing any irritation. As well as Aloe Vera and Colloidal Rice Bran for its nourishing and calming properties. Love conditioning the lengths of your locks with Jojoba Oil? So does your pet! This is why we added some to our Conditioner, our fur-vourite ingredient to moisturise fur.

Our darling and daring Dolly doesn’t need washing too frequently thanks to her short fur, but when bath time does come around, her mama Lizzy can relax knowing the Dr Zoo range is totally lickable so they can get back to more important things, like cuddling on the couch watching movies!

Spotted Dolly’s name on her Shampoo and Conditioner? Get yours personalized with your pet's name with our Personalised Pet Gift Pack! Be quick though, they’re limited edition.

Don’t fur-get to add a Shampoo & Conditioner to your cart!

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