About Us

MooGoo Makeup -
How it all began

Many years ago (don't want to age ourselves here) we started to get quite a few emails from our customers asking us what makeup we thought was good for them to use if they had sensitive or troubled skin. We didn't know much about makeup back then (we do now!) but we did know a lot about natural and effective ingredients, so we took on the (monumental) task of developing a healthy makeup range with the same ingredient philosophy as our skincare. Skincare and makeup go hand in hand. Ingredients that are good for you will enhance your natural beauty and improve the overall look, feel and condition of your skin.

MooGoo Makeup (we like to keep it nice and simple) was designed for people of all ages and skin types. It's made with edible ingredients (although eating makeup would be weird) making it suitable for even the most sensitive and troublesome skin. Our aim is to provide women of all ages with a healthy alternative to traditional cosmetics. Just like our skincare, we skip out on the synthetic stuff. It was time to make makeup make up for all the damage it's done and finally bring something good to the table.