Welcome Beautiful

Welcome Beautiful

By now, I am sure you would know that we are passionate about a few things, beautiful skin, natural makeup and healthy living are just a few. We want to inspire and educate you on all of the above, so you are confident in the decisions you make surrounding the health of your skin and body.

We have a background in skincare (MooGoo) and specialise in creating natural products for adults and babies with sensitive skin and skin conditions. We also cater for individuals looking for a healthy, natural alternative to traditional products. MooGoo Makeup came to life after receiving copious amounts of feedback from MooGoo customers who were struggling to find a natural range of makeup, that was good for their skin and actually did as it promised.

Our aim is simple - to offer all women an effective, natural range of makeup that will leave them with healthy skin, flawless coverage and a radiant complexion. We achieve this through extensive research and the use of the most powerful, natural ingredients we could find, proven to nourish, moisturise and protect the skin. We know just how fussy the skin can be, which is why we formulate unique blends for all skin types, using extracts, oils, vitamins and minerals, so you can achieve a breath-taking coverage without compromising the health of your skin.

We recognise that healthy skin is more than just the products you use, and involves what we eat and how we live. This is why we endeavour to provide you not only with quality products and education surrounding ingredients, but also tips for healthy living and natural beauty.

These natural beauties are all sporting their MooGoo Makeup, I believe the results speak for themselves. You no longer need to compromise flawless coverage for a clear conscience.



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