5 Steps To Luscious Lips

5 Steps To Luscious Lips

Who doesn’t love a good pout. We know we do! But everything on the lips eventually gets eaten. So we want to make sure that the products we use are healthy, natural and edible. Our Vegan Lipsticks and now our Vegan Lip Liner is made with ingredients that are good for you inside and outside.

Our Natural Vegan Lipsticks are made using a blend of micas for a highly pigmented and vibrant colour, alongside edible ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E to lock in moisture. With four shades of vegan lipstick available, there is a colour to suit all skin tones and make any pout pop!

Our Natural Vegan Lip Liner is a creamy and highly pigmented pencil which will offer full coverage, help define your lips and help your favourite Vegan Lipstick last longer. With a soft texture which is effortless to apply and enriched with micas to create a natural, nude shade to suit all skin tones.

Now that you don’t have to worry about that, let’s go and create the perfect nude lips!

Step 1- Lip Prep

Make sure your lips are in good condition, especially in winter. Use a lip scrub to help remove any dead skin and give your pout an extra bit of plumpness. Don’t have one on hand? You can whip one up in a few seconds, just mix 2 parts coconut oil to 1 part granulated sugar and scrub away! Or you can opt to just keep moist with a lip Balm.

Step 2 – Lip Balm

Our MooGoo Lip Balms are great to use as ‘primers’ and to hydrate your lips to prepare them for the next steps.

Step 3 – Lip Liner

Use the lip liner to lightly trace the natural outline of your lips. Blend with your fingertips to slightly soften edges if you like, or use a sharp definition for a bolder look. You can also fill all your lips.

Step 4 – Lipstick

Apply Vegan Natural Lip Stick directly to your lips making sure to avoid going outside your lipliner. You can use any of our 4 colours as the complement beautifully our Lip Liner Pinky Nude shade.

Step 5 – Finishing touch

Apply a small amount of our Mineral Lip Gloss over the top. This works best if you apply the lip gloss to the back of your hand and then using your fingertip or brush, touch lightly into the lips for a vibrant shine finish. This will help create a naturally voluptuous look.

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