MooGoo Makeup Staff's Favourites

MooGoo Makeup Staff's Favourites

There are many great things about working for a skincare and makeup company, we get to apply, play and learn new things every day. We also get to chat, share our tips and tricks, favourite products, the best application and many things in between. So, we thought why don’t we share them all with you as well? So, without further ado here are the MooGoo Makeup staff favourites, our ultimate MVPs that we couldn’t live without.

Sophie M

Mineral Foundation Powder

Sophie is another member of our wonderful Customer Service team, if you’ve had an over the phone consultation chances are, it’s with her! Sophie likes a slightly fuller coverage but doesn’t like it to be detectable (don’t we all). Added Bonus! It’s SPF 15, so it's perfect for topping up through the day.

“I like the Mineral Powder Foundation because it's quite a good amount of coverage but isn’t cakey and gives me a subtle glow. I apply it with the Kabuki Brush, over the top of the Earth Cream or sometimes just on its own and I never have to top up through the day.”



Nightfall Mineral Mascara

Caitlin is also part of our beautiful Customer Service team, answering your calls and emails throughout the day. Caitlin – like so many of our customers has a lot of trouble wearing makeup because of her sensitivities. Caitlin’s ride or die favourite is the Mineral Mascara in Nightfall because it’s the only mascara she’s tried that hasn’t started a reaction. We use Acacia Gum instead of Pine Tar to be gentle on the eyes and are free of all Silicones, Mineral Oils or Parabens, when you finally find a mascara that doesn’t make your eyes water, you’ll have tears of joy.

“I have really sensitive eyes and almost everything makes my eyes water. This is the only mascara that I can wear comfortably that doesn’t sting.”



Eyebrow Pencil

Mackey is such a fun character and you’ll find her making sure all your orders are correct and beautifully packed. Her favourite product is the Eyebrow Pencil.

“I’ve tried eyebrow pencils in the past and I find this one is perfect for me. It’s easy to use and I like that it comes with a brush. I also prefer that it’s a physical pencil and can be sharpened so I can get a really precise shape.”



Lip Shine

Carmel is our Marketing Assistant and doesn’t shy away from a bit of colour, her favourite product is our Lip Shine which has Apricot, Watermelon Seed and Sweet Almond oil to add hydration and shine. It looks, smells and even tastes great.

“I love its subtlety and how it compliments a light makeup look. Its versatility is great for me as I like to carry around as few makeup products as possible. For an evening look, I pair it with any lip liner for a bolder pop of colour.”



Earth Cream Tinted Moisturiser

Georgia works in Customer Service answering all your questions and concerns. Her makeup style is easy, quick and breathable and her go-to product is the Earth Cream. The Earth Cream is a sensitive and irritable skin safe tinted moisturiser with Nigella Sativa Oil and Manuka Tree Leaf Oil to assist skin repair.

“I wear Earth Cream because it’s nice as a light and easy coverage and I know that my skin can breathe. It has coverage but still gives me the natural look I’m always after.”

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