I'm Not Crying, It's My Allergies - Promise!

I'm Not Crying, It's My Allergies - Promise!

Whether or not you have allergies, we bet you’ve used this excuse more times than you care to admit. Us too. For those alpha humans blessed with skin that can stand even the harshest of ingredients (ahem, Retinol) and have never had a skin flare, they will never know the struggle us beings with sensitive eyes struggle with. Day in, day out, no matter whether we’re out and about or staying in. If you’re yet to find a mascara and eye look that does not demand the type of tears that surface after seeing Rose let go of Jack’s hand (kudos to Titanic), then today’s your lucky day. We’re revealing all our secrets you need to know. 


It’s Prime Time Baby!

If you don’t already know this tip, we’re going to be pretty disappointed in you. Nevertheless, it’s not too late. Always be sure to prep and prime your eye area. This means you should adopt a full skincare routine, the lot. The MooGoo Face range has everything you need. At the very least, be sure to apply a nourishing moisturiser, but don’t get it in your eyes. This will cue the waterworks in anyone, even those who claim they ‘can’t cry’ (*eye roll*).

Preparing the area and applying a moisturiser will allow the products to glide seamlessly over your eyelid and will require less blending. Less blending equals fewer tickles from your beloved eye shadow brush, which in turn reduces irritation. The less contact the better. In addition to this, how often do you clean your makeup brushes? If you’ve forgotten the real colour of those bronze bristles, it’s time to give them a clean. Speaking of, if you don’t have an all-natural brush cleanser, your natural everyday cleanser will do the job, we know a few…


Knowledge Is Power

We all know education doesn’t end at your High School graduation; we learn something new every day! And the same goes for cosmetics. New ingredients are discovered all the time and the same goes for information on the age-old ingredients we all know and love.

While we all tend to go for makeup with the prettiest packaging, like most things, it’s what’s inside that counts. Take a look at the underside of your favourite eyeshadow palette and scan through the ingredient list. If you spot any mineral oils, parabens, talc, bismuth, synthetic dyes or silicones, then run for the hills. (Or to your laptop and get onto the MooGoo Makeup site - stat!)

Obviously, the naughty list can go on and on (much like Santa's list in December) but these are the main culprits that irritate. That’s why we made the Quintessential Romance Eyeshadow Palette. It’s a beautiful little quad that’s just as sweet on the inside as it is on the outside. We replaced silicones with Jojoba Oil and synthetic dyes with natural Micas. You bet it’s possible to achieve pigment without those nasty (and irritable) pigments!


Spoiled Milk & Expired Makeup

You wouldn’t drink expired milk… it tastes bad, doesn’t look too good and makes you feel below average on the inside! So why are you applying expired makeup? We’ve got the answer. Because it doesn’t have the same tell-tale signs expired milk does.

That stunning, shining and sparkly palette in your drawer from two years ago likely smells, looks and applies just the same as it did when you first opened it. So, you apply it as normal and it performs as expected. Until you’re driving to work and you feel an uncomfortable tingling around your eyes. Makeup is exposed to the air and after a certain amount of time, bacteria can grow. Don’t be alarmed, all cosmetics must be tested and pass several requirements before they’re allowed on store shelves. But they can’t fight off that bacteria forever, that’s why expiry dates exist. It’s just unfortunate that they’re not common knowledge. Next time you do your makeup, take a look at the expiry date. It may be time to throw a few of your favourites out, which is not all bad! Get your card and go shopping; who doesn’t love new and in-date makeup?


We’ve said it 100 times and we’ll say it again, Stay Hydrated!

It’s time to get hydrated! Aside from the hundreds of other benefits of hydration, drinking 6 glasses a day can help with sensitivity issues. Hydration helps to lock in moisture and keep the skin healthy and soft. Well hydrated skin is less likely to react to irritants and germs that can make their way through the lipid barrier when the skin lacks moisture.


Go ahead, flutter those luscious lashes

While most mascaras are black and thick and smell a little funny, you still need to be fussy (or at least selective) about what you coat your wispies with. We get it, it’s the last step in your makeup routine and you need to get out the door. But after all, mascara sits very close to your beautiful eyes.

As we previously mentioned, knowledge is power. And we can share a little nugget of information, which is a gold mine when it comes to mascara. Pine Tar is not your friend. Not yesterday, not today, not ever. It’s an irritant found in many generic mascaras and can commonly be the cause of all those un-called-for tears. We replace Pine Tar with Acacia Gum which is a natural oh-so-necessary non-irritating alternative to Pine Tar. And of course, while it’s all well and good to find ingredient alternatives, you still need the functionality and performance of the synthetic original. This is where we dust off our hands and give ourselves a pat on the back as our Mineral Mascara can achieve those bold, eye-catching lashes you’ve come to know and love.

So, now you’re fully equipped for your best tear-free smokey eye. Be sure to share your looks with us on Instagram and tag @moogoomakeup!

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