Multi-Purpose Makeup

Multi-Purpose Makeup

Don’t get us wrong, having a vanity full of lipsticks and bronzers to last a lifetime (we’re makeup lovers too) sounds great but we also believe that sometimes simple is better and being able to use a product in multiple ways is the key to a quick and easy but beautiful makeup routine. Which is why we want give you a few tips and show you how easy is too use your makeup products for more that what they were designed for.

So, why would you want to do this you ask? Well there are many reasons you might want to give this a go. Firstly, it’s a great way to save a few dollars. The less products you use, the less money you spend. How about travelling, packing a suitcase and actually making everything fit can always be an incredibly hard task for any woman. Why not make that extra room by leaving a few makeup items at home. Another great reason, while we here at MooGoo Makeup do all we can to make our packaging as recyclable and environmentally friendly as we can by using recycled cardboard packaging where possible a lot of other brands may not. The less products you buy means less packaging that will end up in landfill.
So how can you actually multi-purpose makeup? We’ll help you with some options:


Lipstick as Blush

This is always best used with Dewy Skin. So, try avoid using when you are wearing thick foundations or powders as you don’t want it sticking and clumping to these. Swipe a clean finger over the top of the lipstick and rub between your fingers to warm up the product. Lightly dab over the apple of your cheek, going over a few times to blend the colour in.


Blush/Bronzer as Eyeshadow

This one can work for a number of products like, Blush, Bronzer or even Highlighter. And well, you simply need to apply it just like an eyeshadow as well! A super simple look which can add a little bit of warmth to your eyes and can even help correct red or tired looking eyes.


Eyeshadow as Eyeliner

There are a number of easy ways you can turn any eyeshadow into eyeliner. Our favourite, just run your angled brush under a bit of tap water or spray with your setting spray, then pick up your favourite shade of eye shadow with the brush. It’ll chalk up into a paste-like consistency, which you can easily swipe across your upper and lower eyelids just like you would a liquid liner.

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