Want To Blend Your Best Base Yet? Match Up To Your Skin Type!

Want To Blend Your Best Base Yet? Match Up To Your Skin Type!

If you’ve ever tried any kind of makeup before then you’ll know that the art of nailing your foundation and matching it to your skin type can feel like painting a Picasso. Some products get stuck in odd places (who knew there were so many nose creases?!), while some just don’t last 'till the end of the day. Beyond these concerns, when was the last time you thought about your skin type, and how it plays into your choice of makeup? Not only can choosing the wrong makeup for your skin create an unfavourable look, but it also plays into the way your skin feels and reacts, as a result of being exposed to the wrong formulas and ingredients all day.


Be Mindful of Harsh Ingredients 

With that in mind, it’s these exact reasons MooGoo Makeup was born. We make every day mineral makeup that’s all about letting your natural beauty shine through. And we’ll be frank… performance makeup isn’t our jam, but rather 100% natural, non-irritating formulas that are vegan-friendly and are free from synthetic ingredients and preservatives. So, no matter your skin type, our products can really speak for themselves, and here’s why…


Know Your Skin Type

If you have oily skin you’ll want to use and apply makeup differently than if you have dryer skin. Just like skincare! Speaking of, you’ll want to make sure the skincare you’re using is also suited to your skin concerns - to create the best possible canvas for your natural, mineral makeup. You can get personalised help by jumping over to the MooGoo Skin Care Quiz where you’ll quickly learn about what kind of skin you have and which products will match. But first, keep reading to learn which MooGoo Makeup products are best for what skin type.


Natural & Breathable Foundation for Oily Skin

Oily skin needs makeup that can absorb excess oils throughout the day yet is breathable and doesn’t clog the pores, preventing breakouts and irritation. Our MooGoo Makeup Mineral Foundation Powder does just that! Free from synthetic ingredients like Silicone, Talc and Bismuth, we opt to use a combination of natural micas along with zinc oxide so that you can achieve beautiful and even coverage without the irritation. Perfect for those with sensitive skin or even people who just want to reduce their toxin exposure (here, here!), choose from six different shades and blend the powder into your skin after your skincare routine using our super soft, vegan Kabuki Brush.



Healthy & Moisturising Coverage for Dry Skin

As the name suggests, Dry Skin needs maximum hydration. This kind of skin is parched, making it prone to flaking and crumbling. The foundation you apply needs to be packed with moisturizing and gentle ingredients to nourish your face as you go about your day. That’s exactly what our Earth Cream Tinted Moisturiser is all about. As the name suggests, this is more of a tinted moisturizer than a full coverage foundation, and we’ve opted to use beautifully natural oils like Nigella Sativa Oil, Manuka Tree Leaf Oil and Chaulmoogra Tree Seed Oil which work to restore and heal the skin. These all work together to create a light, dewy and natural-looking coverage that keeps your skin looking healthy even after the makeup comes off. For best results, prep the skin with a hydrating serum and moisturiser (we make a few of those too!) before applying this with your preferred foundation brush. Allow 5 minutes to set before applying your next step (i.e bronzer/blush/highlighter). To top up hydration throughout the day we recommend spritzing with your favorite natural face mist.


What if I have both oily and dry skin?

For combination skin we recommend applying our Earth Cream first and then following with a layer of the Mineral Foundation Powder in the T-Zone. The T-Zone is the area encompassing your chin, nose and forehead which are generally oilier than your cheeks. This method also works well for those wanting slightly more, full coverage as the products will build on each other.


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