Brush Breakdown: What to Use Where

Brush Breakdown: What to Use Where

Buff, blend and bring your complexion to life with our Vegan Brushes!

Makeup brushes are a staple in any beauty routine and are essential for achieving that flawless makeup look we all strive for. Using high quality makeup brushes can make the world of a difference in application, bendability and the overall appearance of your look, though understanding the different types of brushes and their functions is important. But with so many brands, varieties and materials to choose from, it can be overwhelming and you're often left wondering where to begin. 

Our Vegan Makeup Brushes are produced with quality synthetic bristles and are 100% cruelty-free, so you don't have to worry about applying makeup with animal hair, yuck!

What are synthetic bristles? 

Unlike natural bristles (made with animal hair), synthetic bristles are commonly made from nylon or polyester fibres. They're also distinct in that the bristles naturally draw towards one another, allowing for a more precise, smooth and streak-free application. Because synthetic bristles lack cuticles and are less porous than natural hairs, they do not absorb as much product, making them ideal for cream, liquid or gel formula products. Plus, they're 100% cruelty-free and vegan!


The Brush Breakdown:

With a selection of five versatile and easy-to-use staple brushes, you can create anything from that clean girl aesthetic to a full glam goddess look. 

Get Cheeky Contour Brush 

Great for a precise application of your face or setting powder and powder, cream, or liquid blush and bronzer. When applying face or setting powders, tap the Contour Brush in the pan of your product and gently press into the skin. For blush or bronzer, tap into your product, dust the excess off and gently blend over desired areas. We recommend applying blush and bronzer to your cheekbones, jawline and the perimeters of your forehead for a seamless, radiant flush of colour.


Forever Flawless Foundation Brush

The perfect tool to achieve a flawless finish of your liquid foundation. Take a few pumps of your favourite liquid foundation onto the back of your hand then pick up the product on our Foundation Brush. Gently swipe your foundation over your face and once you have your desired coverage, blend and buff the product into your skin. 




Easy on the Eyes Eyeshadow Brush

Our favourite brush for a smooth and precise application of eyeshadow to the lid or crease. Using our Eyeshadow Brush, dip into your eyeshadow and with a light hand, blend over the eyelid, crease and lower lash line with 'windscreen wiper' motions. Take your time blending until you have built up your desired pigment with each shade. The size and shape of our Eyeshadow Brush is also perfect for applying highlighter to the inner corner of the eye!


Blending Queen Blending Brush 

For eyeshadow, our Blending Brush is ideal to use all over the lid and in the upper crease. If you're spot concealing, we recommend dotting a small amount of concealer over the areas needed, let it dry slightly (to a more 'tacky' formula) then gently tap in the concealer with our Blending Brush for a flawless, full-coverage finish. We also love to use the Blending Brush in conjunction with a bronzer to shape the nose and lips. 



Kabuki Brush 

A strikingly soft yet dense brush that allows for a smooth and even application, every time! The perfect partner to our Mineral Foundation Powder, we recommend dipping into the powder with our Kabuki Brush, tapping off the excess powder then using gentle, circular motions to apply for an even application your face will love. 

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