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Your MooGoo order is helping farmers

One day it will rain. But right now people in the country are living through the worst drought ever recorded.

Even the best farmers who prepare for drought have exhausted their reserves. They need help. Farmers need to know Australia supports them.

One day it will rain. When it does we want the farmers to still be there to grow our food and to be part of their communities.

We are donating $2.00 for every order over $50 to buy good quality hay for farmers around Central West NSW who have been hit hard by drought. There are hundreds of communities that need it just as bad but we are just one company. You can encourage more businesses to do the same and help families stay on their feet until that rain finally comes.

Common Questions:

How Do We Know It Will Reach Farmers That Need It?

We anticipate it will take about 2-3 weeks to raise enough money for our first truck load of good quality hay based on current orders. As soon as we have enough, we will buy the hay and have it trucked to some farmers in Tullamore and Trundle NSW and put the photos up here so you can see the results.

Won’t Buying Hay Just Push up the Price for Everyone Else?

Apparently there is a good supply of quality hay now available from Victoria. It’s just many farmers don’t have the money to keep buying it after years of feeding stock. So it should not push up prices.

How Much of the Money Will Go to Farmers and How Much Will be ‘Admin” cost?

All of the money will go to buying hay. There is no admin. We will just buy the hay from an agent when we have enough for a truckload and we know farmers that need it.

Is this a charity?

No. We are pledging the money that we will donate.

Have you delivered hay already?

Yes, we delivered a truckload of good quality hay to 3 well-deserving Farmers. Here is a photo of Jessie minding the newly delivered hay from MooGoo.

Here is a photo of Jessie minding the newly delivered hay from MooGoo

Thank you.