MooGoo Skin Problems and Solutions

As you can imagine, we get asked a lot of skin related questions at MooGoo HQ. We've spent a lot of time understanding skin woes and more importantly, how best to solve them. We hope you find them useful!

Skin Problem: Dry skin becoming a barrier - affecting absorption of your moisturiser!

Skin Solution! Gently exfoliating the skin helps remove the barrier of dead skin cells and allows better absorption of moisturiser. This helps drastically to improve the texture and appearance of skin. You can do this with an exfoliating product, or a dry body brush/mitt. The beauty of a product is the extra goodies that can be packed into the formula.

Our Espresso Exfoliant Coffee Scrub is perfect for gently removing those dead skin cells! We added two super effective moisturising oils to the coffee, Squalene and Olive Oil, as well as Natural Vitamin E and a little honey for extra skin love.

Skin Problem: Very dry and cracked skin can be hard to nourish.

Skin Solution! If your skin becomes dry to the point of cracking, it's time to get balmy! Balms can leave a very comforting protective layer on the skin. They also have extra intense moisturising and healing ingredients for super tough, dry and cracked areas (heels, elbows etc). Shea Butter is one of the most intense moisturising ingredients and it’s thick consistency helps to nourish the skin.

We've whipped up a balm using Shea Butter & Coconut Oil, together with some extra ingredients like Allantoin (Comfrey Root Extract) & Lime to help with healing. It's called Shea Sorbet Butter Balm because we've fluffed it up to the consistency of Sorbet. Yum!

Skin Problem: Your skin is super irritated, itchy and feels raw.

Skin Solution! Look for nourishing skin repair ingredients with calming properties too. Some of our favourite repair ingredients include Allantoin (Comfrey Root Extract), Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extract.

We're also huge fans of MSM (Organic Sulphur). This is famous for its skin soothing properties. It's known to help take the sting, and heat out of your skin (try it when you've had a little too much sun) will help take the heat out of your skin, and remove the urge to scratch! An easy way to get your hands on MSM is with our Soothing MSM Cream. As well as MSM, the cream uses Sweet Almond Oil which is one of the best moisturising oils for irritated skin due to its essential fatty acid profile.

MooGoo Skin Solutions

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Skin Problem: Dry, rough and tight skin.

Skin Solution! As our skin loses moisture it loses its healthy glow. It may become increasingly rough, tight and appear dull. A medium to heavy skin cream rich in nourishing oils with elasticity support will help to top up moisture levels and give the skin the support it needs to glow again.

Our Full Cream Moisturiser is a "creamier" version of the original Skin Milk Udder Cream moisturiser. We’ve also added milk protein to our formula as cognis research found that milk protein in a cream increased skin elasticity by around 20% compared to the same cream without. Skin Elasticity ensures lines and wrinkles are minimised after any movement of the skin. 

Maintaining Healthy Skin.

Not everyone suffers from dry skin, but ‘prevention is better than cure.’ Applying a lightweight moisturiser containing natural healing oils will help keep your skin supple and at optimal health. Our Skin Milk Udder Cream is the lightest of our creams and easily penetrates the skin with healing ingredients and is non-greasy. We have a lot of oncologists across Australia recommending the Skin Milk Udder Cream for their patients during treatment. Its success in the clinical environment has led to the registration as a medical device of the MooGoo product. The formulation uses a combination of natural healing oils, Allantoin and Aloe Vera, as well as Milk Protein for Skin Elasticity. 

We hope we’ve taut you something. As always, our herd love helping you and your feedback is always welcome.