4 things we've learned about MooGoo Parents

We’ve noticed a bit of a trend. It’s to do with MooGoo mums and dads, and what seems to interest them. This is based on an extremely scientific review of comments on a Facebook Post.  We posed the question – “Babies & MooGoo go together like _______  & _______ “

This is the post in question.

MooGoo Mums and Dads

Your responses fell into one of 5 main categories. Food, Love, Drinkies, Songs & (ahem) Poops! 

For the sake of this highly scientific exploration, here's what it looks like in graph form. 

MooGoo Parents Interests - Funny

That's right, we're finally putting that Excel course we finished in 1998, to good use!

Based on this data, we’ve extrapolated that for our mums & dads;

1. Food is obviously on your minds. A lot! Within this grouping ‘Peas & Carrots’ and ‘Peas & Corn’ was a recurring theme. An indication of how many times mums and dads say ‘Eat your peas and carrots’ perhaps?

2. Love is all around. This makes us MOO with delight. The second strongest theme in all your answers was ‘Love’. So many of you answered with ‘Kisses & Cuddles’, ‘Hugs & Kisses’ and ‘Love & Happiness’. ❤

In keeping with how amazingly scientific we’re being right now, we’d like to point out that these first 2 themes correlate beautifully with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. With ‘Physiological’ & ‘Safety’ needs’ being first, followed by ‘Love/Belonging’. How awesome is that!  


Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

MooGoo mums and dads – just in case you need to be reminded today – yes, you’re doing it right!


Now, back to our extremely scientific exploration of a Facebook post.

For MooGoo mums and dads it also seems that;

3.  A nice glass of red or white at the end of the day is a wonderful thing – often accompanied by some cheese, crackers or both. Maslow might call this tendency ‘Esteem’ or ‘Self-Actualisation’.

4. There is an almost equal amount of singing and nappy changing (i.e. dealing with ‘poop’), perhaps the songs help with the smell?


These were the common themes we extracted from your answers. There were also a few that made us laugh out loud. 

Special mention to Melissa who said MooGoo & Babies go together like:

"Vomit and a black top"

and to Jemma, our insect buff who answered:

"Arachnids & crickets" (we didn’t actually understand what this means but it sounds clever!)

and finally to all those who answered with ‘power couples’!  Thanks!  We’ll take the compliment.

“Beyonce & JayZ”, “R2D2 & C3PO” and “Barbie & Ken”.  

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