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MooGoo was first made when the founder adapted a cream used in dairy farms to help a family member with a skin problem. The dairy version of "udder cream" was designed to heal the cow's udders and keep them in good condition for milking. It was full of skin repair ingredients and no gimmicks. Cows don't care too much about the latest fad in skin care, or even "Organic blends of Horsetail and Bergamot..." They do need healthy skin on their most valuable assets. Although the original cream used in the dairy farms was legendary for its skin healing properties, it was thick and greasy. MooGoo modified the cream for human use by keeping all the skin healing properties but making it non-greasy.

Friends and neighbours started using the creams. It is amazing just how many people came out of the woodwork that had either very sensitive skin, or some sort of problem for which "nothing works".

Since then, many other products have been added for people with sensitive skin and scalps and MooGoo was born.

MooGoo is now stocked in approximately 1300 pharmacies and healthfood stores within Australia and selected stores in Ireland, Malaysia and the US. MooGoo also exports Worldside via its online store on a daily basis

We rely and greatly value input and feedback from our customers. All our new products are first tested by friends and staff and then our customers. Once our customers are happy with them, we then package them up and sell them. We recruit our ‘customer’ guinea pigs via our facebook page.

Closet Greenies

How Green is MooGoo?

We might not have words like "Earth", "Nature" or "Enviro" in our name, but we are one of the most environmentally friendly skin care companies around. Any consumption has an impact. But at every step we choose options that minimize any impact. As well as choosing natural oils from only sustainable farms, we also do the following....

Moogoo's Video - Environment

Sponsorship & Community

MooGoo proudly makes regular donations on your behalf to Canteen which is the national support organisation for young people (aged 12-24) living with cancer. Young people through meeting and talking with one another, are better able to cope with the uncertainties of a cancer diagnosis.

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