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Benefits of a Natural Bath

Some pet parents think that if their pet is not itchy or they don't seem to have sensitive skin, they don’t need to use natural shampoo or products made with natural ingredients. Itchy or not, a natural bath is the best way to keep your pet’s skin healthy. Why? Well, there are a few reasons.

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Have You Tried Dry Baths?

What happens when your dog refuses to get into the tub? Or you have a cat that hates water (don’t they all?!) Or when it’s too cold for a bath? BRRR. The mention of a bath without the water will be sure to have their ears springing to attention. Dry baths will extend the time in between wet baths, so neither party has to go through that ordeal as regularly, and grooming time will become a happy time. Happy pup, happy life, right?

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