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Tag 'Natural Pet Care'
Staff Favourites – The Products We’re Super Paw-ssionate About

At MooGoo and Dr Zoo, you can trust that we use our products every single day. We don’t test on animals, we test on ourselves and if that goes well, we pass it onto the rest of our pack. We often get asked what our favourite Dr Zoo products are and while our answer as humans is obvious, (we love them all), we thought we would shine the light on the pups of Dr Zoo and their favourites

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2021 – Your Pet’s Best (and healthiest) Year Yet

Beginning 2021 feels like a much more significant achievement than previous years, right? Goodbye 2020, hello to a (hopefully) PAW-SOME 2021! Corona-who? (Fingers crossed.) January is the month of overcrowded gyms, green smoothies and a new you (but we think you’re just lovely exactly how you are ❤). While you’re working on becoming the best version of yourself, have you stopped to think about your furry friend sitting beside you?

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Benefits of a Natural Bath

Some pet parents think that if their pet is not itchy or they don't seem to have sensitive skin, they don’t need to use natural shampoo or products made with natural ingredients. Itchy or not, a natural bath is the best way to keep your pet’s skin healthy. Why? Well, there are a few reasons.

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