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Ascobyl Tetraisopalmitate "Super Vitamin C"

MooGoo Eye Serum contains 25% Pure Ascorby Tetraisopalmitate which is a special Vitamin C Ester. It is the most expensive form of Vitamin C anti-oxidant and the best. The information below is supplied courtesy of the supplier Nikkol (very impressive!). VC-IP is the name given to Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate in their studies.

Ascoryl Tetraisopalmitate Anti-Ageing Ascoryl Tetraisopalmitate Anti-Ageing 2 Ascobryl Tetraisopalmitate Anti-Oxidant Ascobryl Tetraisopalmitate Anti-Oxidant2 Ascobyl Tetraisopalmitate uva/uvb Ascobyl Tetraisopalmitate uva Ascobyl Tetraisopalmitate uva/uvb2 Ascobryl Tetraisopalmitate Lightening Ascobryl Tetraisopalmitate Lightening2