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  1. The Eczema Diet Book
    The Eczema Diet Book
    The solution every eczema sufferer has been waiting for ...
    For the first time, the findings of hundreds of international researchers and skin specialists have been pieced together to solve the ...
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  2. Daisy the Cow
    Daisy the Cow
    Meet your new favourite cuddly toy! We call her Daisy, but we’re sure you’ll come up with a much more creative name! Despite being a fully grown cow, her fur remains soft and smooth (wonder what...
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  3. Toy Cows
    Toy Cows
    Cute, cuddly cows make MOO-velous playmates – we should know, Daisy has been our friend for years! A fun addition to a gift, or a playtime companion for a little one, these plush cows are super soft...
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